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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 5495 Employment

Instructions and Help about Which Form 5495 Employment

Morning Saturday and I just wonder if I was certified for agenda work um I was there are any charge either what Senate but at night but but human hairs which will stay active and that's what we have to change it so we have to follow word on portal calls and bottle down from Maxwell double-under starting I live in March of the month that teachers know that goes into space I know it is not easy but I am assuming the district is doing what is best for our students and I pray that the school board should ask questions there is being done fairly new Ward new beginning I ask you board members before approving this that you know the reason behind this teachers that are being met go ask yourselves one why so many investigations or force you know reservations do they really want to resign I am hearing dictum worst teachers does what teachers are poor for Cory performing my grandson son teacher is a great teacher and he is on the list of resignations who has the credentials and why are they being let go or we find most important what is on their evaluation you know a file that they can't continue working a target straight bring this item to your next regular meeting 314 for your approval or disapproval this was not intended for this as as I'm here and it was supposed to be in the 14th and they put it on today's agenda Sandra nothing personal against your leadership just wondering if you are hiring the right teachers and principals districts paid too much money when they were hiring bonuses thousands of dollars were spent in the process you stated that you like retention they would hire the best I guess you didn't let me ask you what is the good fit for you to hire a good teacher for a district I know you were working with the team even solids at some different value the teachers I am tired of hearing teachers are being let go at well I say oh this is not good enough for me we're losing many good teachers it is sad to hear that as a pretending for the pressure on principals to who should go and push his faith this is unfair you want to be straight okay how did you help teachers to meet their needs for their expectations Sandra we stopped at five subs meaning over leaning every thirty days teachers multi reassigned this is not fair for students my grandson is tired of this support I ask you to please before you make a decision to read you know we hired this into our teachers because it were good 108 the unification I'm not happy we do like unification when we can't even retain meeting many teachers here we're supposed to be kind of the best teachers you know for our school district and we're letting them go we're letting you know some good teachers that we have that we need to retain here thank you good morning everybody it's nice to see a lot of familiar faces I never imagined having you know that there's this many people that I have a good rapport with and you know so I'm here to follow up on what miss Diaz said you know one of the teachers that's on the list I work with them for three years and you know I've been the next door teacher mentor he was next door to me I helped coach and mentor him a lot of you have worked with him personally and have witnessed his classroom so I was very concerned when he told me that you know he wasn't going to come back next year and I told him I would do whatever I could civil and as lawful you know to to make sure that he stays because he's a wonderful teacher miss miss Diaz as grandson and you know great-nephew are both in his in his class and you know the fact that she's you know speaking great things about him speaks volumes about his classroom style and management and he enjoys working with the children the children enjoyed him a lot and you know he's a wonderful asset to our team I when I found that I was I was her I told him you can't leave us you're a big asset to our school you've contributed so much I've put in so much time in you know to help you and assist you and you know he personally asked me for a letter of recommendation which I was bittersweet about it because yes you're amazing but I don't want to recommend you somewhere else you know I would I want to see you grow and learn and he told me himself this is where he saw himself you know for his whole teaching career you know and so I I'm really here voicing their concerns I'm not here on behalf of GTA I'm here you know I'm you know pretty much on my own but I am bringing this up to miss Colin and miss Cortez and and the school board and and everybody here knows that I I you know it's very hard for me I have to really think things through before taking action and you know as many of you know I started in that min program and I hope to Sunday in our community Ian admin and you know I'm speaking on you know from the teaching perspective and they're from the community because it really hurts the children it's very traumatic for them to see that I'm checking my time to see that one year there's a teacher there and say I teach fifth grade and then they're expecting to see that teacher in sixth grade and all of a sudden they're gone or as miss Diaz pointed out you know.

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