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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 5495 Copyright

Instructions and Help about Which Form 5495 Copyright

What's up y'all I'm Rob level and today we're talking about how to copyright music free and how to copyright your music this is smart rapper calm let's get into it the Baron a Astley mother ever to be rapping just to tell us the laughs okay I'm sure you've heard this before but if you're wondering how to copyright your music when you probably have heard that as soon as you make it it's copy written well that's true because January 1st 1978 on the law passed and dictated through copyright legislation I said as soon as you make a work it is automatically copy written so even if you make like a sample of your song it's still considered consecrating but here's the thing we're going to move further into this is that that still leaves it under common copyright law you need actually get it under federal copyright law if you want to have higher chances of winning a court case if somebody steals your music so let's move into part two of this so if your song is really good just go above this order your whole album is just amazing and you really want to protect it so you can actually sue somebody if they steal your music and for sure win you need to go the copyright got gov and actually submit your songs you can do it as a group of songs and it's like less than 40 bucks and think it's like 37 dollars and this is just smart to do every time you release an album that's such a small investment to know that your music is protected and nobody can steal it from you you need to register your work so you can be eligible to take advantage of the statutory damages role that allows courts to find people who violate your copyright if you're not registered you have to prove your actual damages in court but once you do file it it protects you under federal copyright law now number three you may have heard of the poor man's copyright and I fell victim to this before where I used to think that me putting my music on CDs and mailing them to myself but not opening them would put a time stamp on the music and make it cotton rich the poor man's copyright actually has no legal grounds for anything because you can easily falsify that right so don't try to do that I used to do that when out of the nineteen twenty I was making money CDs amalgams and mailing them to myself and never open them out I got all these yellow envelopes unopened well it doesn't do anything so don't worry about wasting your time money on that instead go to copyright gov and actually copyright your music so you can actually protect your music and that's how to copyright your music additionally I'm going to attach a link below to a step-by-step guide of how to copyright your music on copyright gov alright so if you would like please hit me want to subscribe I tons of information for upcoming artists because I am an artist and I accomplish a lot on my own so I've learned a lot of mistakes and now I teach them to other people so if you would have subscribe like and please comment below if you have any questions or didn't feel it too something I missed I'm Rob level this is smart rapper calm and here's more videos you.

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