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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 5495 Careers

Instructions and Help about Which Form 5495 Careers

Music Music my name is Sal ponse I've been relocating trees for 25 years and we're gonna talk about the steps to move a tree step one would be to hydrate the tree each tree is different depending on the caliper we can go from 50 gallons to 500 gallons so once the tree is hydrated we're gonna go ahead and route prune the roots once we determine the box size we'll go ahead and excavate by hand and they will once we encounter the root we'll cut it back once that step is done then we'll go ahead and start digging with a mini extra backhoe from three and a half to four feet deep once all four sides are dug then we'll go ahead and install the outsides and the insides of the box we'll shape it and then we'll bend the box just as you see here once that is done will re water the tree make sure it gets hydrated and then we'll go ahead and start putting the bottom on the tree now that the tree is prepared and ready the next step is to go ahead and excavate the hole where the tree is gonna get relocated we'll go ahead and pick it up with the crane and set it in the hole and once once that tree is set in the hole we'll go ahead and remove the sides and start the planting process well back the Loess soil pull the boxes off and one of the most important aspects of the job is to make sure it's hydrated and determined that we'll use a probe to make sure that it's either moist or just dry now you know the steps it takes to relocate a tree from point A to point B...