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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 5495 Brackets

Instructions and Help about Which Form 5495 Brackets

Welcome to part 4 of the dharma yoga website series in part 3 we made this three column section this two column section here and then the three column section below so in this video what we'll do is work on the call-out section that includes the text and the button and then we'll conclude the HTML section of this entire tutorial with the footer tags so you want to make sure that you have the index.html file we've been working on so we can get started on the call-out section here and then the entire footer including the icons and the Google map right here okay so let's go back to our index.html file and get started with the page call-out section but first let's do one more div class clear fix to create some separation before we add the call-out so just write div class clear fix and drop down the line to write your comment for the call-out section I'm just going to right start page call-out and then close the comment and then I'll add an end comment below called end page call-out okay and then inside of the page call-out section what we're going to do is create a little rap area that we'll just call page call-out it's going to be a div class so write div class page call-out page - call out and this will nest the text and button sections that has the border around it okay and below you just want to write will write a paragraph tag for this text and then we'll style it later in the CSS to make it larger and bold so just write P class and this will be call out text so we can reference it in the CSS and close the paragraph tag and then we'll just add this text here so looking for a class you don't see here check out our classes page so again looking for a class you don't see here check out our classes page okay and then next we'll create a class for the button or actually the area that surrounds the button that the button will be nested in so we'll want to call that div class button - holder and then drop down and we'll add the button so if you refresh we have the text down here now let's add the button here most of the button is going to be done in CSS here we'll just make a link for it and give the link a class so links as you remember from the logo up top are the a tag so you want to write a class BTN for button and H ref so this will be the reference link this and this will be classes dot HTML which we're not making in this tutorial but that's in the full version of this website so I thought I'd include it here ok and then our classes and close the link and then below you'll see a link for our classes so you can tell that's a hyperlink by the blue color and the underlined text okay so we'll style that later for now let's drop down and start the HTML for the footer so let's just create a comment saying start footer and then close the footer section with end footer okay so for our footer similar to the header we added up top we'll just right footer which is an html5 tag and inside of our footer will be the 1/3 sections just as above that we styled earlier just like up here and up here so we just want to write the div class for the 1/3 section so right div class 1 - 3rd and then you can drop down the closing div so we can nest all of our footer information for at least that one the first third of it in here okay so let's start with the title up top or the heading which will be an h3 heading and right contact us then below we'll add a paragraph but first let's create a line break so BR means break that just creates a line break where there's a little space created and then let's start the paragraph so this paragraph we're going to give it we're going to give a class for the footer contact information so let's call this footer contact and then up top we have the dharma yoga text and then we'll create a break after that to drop down to the phone number so add BR for break and then just drop down a line and let's add the phone information in the contact area so we'll use a strong tag which means bold and we're going to give this a class of phone called phone so the reason that we're giving this phone number a class is because later in the CSS we want to give it a style called text-decoration:none and then add a color so what that does is it takes away the hyperlink status of the blue text and the under line now on the on the web on your computer it's going to display the phone number just as bold text but if we add it or if we look at it on our cell phones on the iPhone for example it's going to look like a hyperlink rather than text if we don't style it in the CSS okay so let's drop down now using another break tag let's add a few actually since there's some space in the finished version here so there's a few line breaks and then we have the address okay so let's start with the street address 530 Street Road and break to go to the next line so Lana Beach California nine to zero seven five and break once more and let's add the email address which is yogi add Dharma yoga calm and then you can.

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