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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 5495 Brackets

Instructions and Help about Which Form 5495 Brackets

Welcome to part 4 of the Dharma Yoga website series. In part 3, we created a three-column section, a two-column section, and a three-column section. In this video, we will work on the call-out section that includes the text and the button. We will also conclude the HTML section of this tutorial with the footer tags. Make sure you have the index.html file we've been working on to follow along. Let's start by adding a div class clear fix to create some separation before the call-out section. Write div class clear fix and add your comment for the call-out section. I will write "start page call-out" and then close the comment. Add an end comment below called "end page call-out". Inside the page call-out section, we will create a div class called "page-call-out" to nest the text and button sections with a border around it. Below the div class, write a paragraph tag with the class "call-out-text" to reference it in the CSS. Add the text "Looking for a class you don't see here? Check out our classes page." Next, we will create a div class called "button-holder" for the area that surrounds the button. Inside the div class, add a link with the class "btn" and an href that references "classes.html". This link represents our classes page. Now, let's move on to the HTML for the footer. Start by creating a comment saying "start footer" and close the footer section with "end footer". Inside the footer, we will have 1/3 sections similar to the header. Write div class "1-3rd" to nest the footer information for the first third section. Start with the heading "Contact Us" using an h3 tag. Add a line break and then a paragraph with the class "footer-contact" for the contact information. Include the Dharma Yoga text and the phone number...