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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 5495 Assessment

Instructions and Help about Which Form 5495 Assessment

Hi in this video we're going to show you the six steps that you need to follow to pass a numerical reasoning test we're going to walk you through some example questions show you the approach that you need to follow step by step and we're also going to share with you the one most important secret that you need to know to pass a numerical reasoning test hi my name's Mike Kennedy I run an Assessment Center hq.com we help people pass online tests and succeed at assessment centers the one question that I get asked more than anything else is how do I pass a numerical reasoning test it's the one area that I get more emails about than anything else so I thought for once and for all we'll make a video but that takes people through step by step how to pass a numerical reasoning test so joining me today is John bridges John welcome I could you could you tell people a little bit about your yes lattice Koska hi I'm John I'm a mathematician I've got experience recruitment and I help people answer those difficult beta handling questions okay perfect you sound like just the man for the job John step number one very very important I want if you could expand on it a bit John it's that you must manage the timing of the tests you have you very carefully think effective management is the first key point passing these tests and why why is the time you know why do we need to manage the time so carefully John what is it about it that's also crucial there's two points you've been measured on two things when you sit these tests how many questions you get right and what time it takes you to answer the questions and it's quite important I guess to point out to people that you when you sit these tests your performances measure down to the last second you know you're taking these tests against hundreds of other candidates so of course the accuracy is important but also the time that you take it's important you don't run out of time when you're doing the test so you know look at the head look ahead see how many questions you've got to answer and plan out your time accordingly making the decision to move on from a difficult question so you can answer this is very important okay so John you're going to take us through a few example questions and we've got a few different examples through to run through today so with let's get stuck in okay let's have a look at the first question so the first thing I'm going to do is read the question before a look at the data I'm going to read the question what is the minimum number of zoom box to units that must be sold in order to equal the profit made from selling 25 zoom box one units after a 13 increase in zoom box wants profit so immediately I've narrowed the information down to these two rows zoom box one zoom box two and this column profit per unit so out of all those data points on the of which there are 25 of immediate narrowed it down to two pieces of information at these tests you know and I know this to be true they would look much more of the data you know people want to understand the data what's this graph what's the spreadsheet what's this pie chart What's it telling me but what you did there was you focus purely on the question to begin with you made sure that you understood that question okay so we focused on the question first we've managed to rule out quite a lot of unnecessary data set yes what's next well the next thing is I'll read the question it says after a 13 percent increase in zoom box one's profit so the first thing we're going to do is work out a 13 percent increase in zoom box ones profit which is this figure here so 33 point eight eight two increase it by 13 percent we're going to multiply it by one point one three okay so what some would actually type in to the calculator there 33 point eight eight times on behind one three multiplied by 1 point well okay it then says we go back to the question again it then says 25 zoom box ones so we need that's the profit from one that we've just worked out we're now going to multiply that by 25 to work out the profit from 25 I go back to the question again it says what is the minimum that's an important word number of zoom box two units that's must be sold in also equal the profit made from selling 25 zoom box ones after a 13% increase I divide the answer by this after increasing by 25 by 13 percent and multiplying by 25 by the profit from one of these that will give me the answer what's really interesting there John is you know it is you know it's like you're bouncing back and forth between the data and the question you're constantly going back and forth between the two I'm constantly referencing the question against the data I'm checking myself referencing myself also another interesting you know strategy though is that you kind of started at the end of the question and work your way back through it you know it I don't think a lot of people would naturally necessarily start wolly but it that actually is the key piece of news that the starting point in that question is it is on this particular question you're almost doing the maths in Reverse to the way it's asked okay great tough so so haven't gone through that process the answer for this one well.

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