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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 5495 Appointed

Instructions and Help about Which Form 5495 Appointed

My name is Robert from Team I'll calm and in this video I'll give you a detailed step-by-step guide on how to allow your website visitors to book an appointment through WordPress using a free plugin called easy appointments get started by installing and activating easy appointments it's free and listed at wordpress.org so you can install it directly from your wordpress dashboard make sure you install the right plugin because there are a few different plugins with similar names once you activate it you should see a new easy appointments tab in your dashboard sidebar head there and go to settings link the first thing to set up is your locations to add one click on plus add new location just enter a name address and location you don't need to include all of the fields so if you are booking appointments for say digital meetings you don't need to add a business address or location you can add as many locations as needed so if you want to accept bookings at different physical locations add each location separately on the services tab you can click plus add new service to spell out which different services people can book as well as how long the services lasts for again you don't need to enter all the fields so you can leave price blank if you don't want to specify a price for example to set up a service for free one hour consult you would enter something like this notice the blank price field next up had two workers and enter the name and contact information for each worker you want to allow visitors to book if you are the only one accepting appointments all you need to do is add an entry for yourself otherwise you can include each available worker in a separate entry the connections tab is where you actually link up your locations services and workers for example you can specify that worker a offers service B application C on X days of the week if you are the only one accepting appointments it's pretty trivial to set up if you have multiple workers locations services you'll need to be careful when configuring everything though to help you grasp how everything connects here is an example of the connection where I Robert Peter offer one power consults at a digital location from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Monday to Friday last configuration step under customize that you can configure the emails and forms used for your booking system you can specify emails for pending reservation info cancelled and confirmed set each email text in its corresponding tab and make sure to utilize the tags at the top of the email editor box they allow you to insert dynamic content into your emails for example worker underscore name will be automatically replaced by the actual name of the worker also make sure to configure to email subjects and form emails at the bottom of the email editor box a bit further down the page you can add custom form fields if needed you can also delete fields and choose whether or not each field is required and finally at the end of the customize tab you can choose a different currency for your appointment prices or if you don't want to set prices completely turn off the price feature okay now your appointment booking form is totally configured but you still need to add it to your site so people can actually use it to do that you can use a simple shortcode in any post or page where you want your booking form to appear I'll give you two short codes don't worry about typing them manually you can copy and paste those short codes from the article and you can find that link in description below for a basic one column form just use this to create a two column form which I think looks much better use this one for example to add a true column form on a page called book an appointment it creates a new page with that name and add the shortcode to the WordPress editor then once you publish the page you should see a booking form like this note how the weekends are grayed out unavailable and your visitors gets a nice booking overview to review the information before submitting their booking whenever you get a new appointment three things will happen I'll start with the two that don't require any action on your part one you'll get a notification email and two the appointment will be added to the specified workers timetable which is accessible by going to reports timetable this gives the board overview of availability the third thing is something you will need to take action on in the appointments option you see all your bookings for the specified time period by default all new bookings are only safe as pending to make them permanent you need to click on the appointment click Edit and change its status to confirmed the person who booked the appointment will then get an email telling them their appointment is confirmed and that's all you need to do now your visitors can easily book appointments through WordPress without any back-and-forth about time slots and availability thanks for watching click the parrot on the screen right now to subscribe then click the bell and check send all notifications for this channel this way you'll be notified every time we upload our latest tutorials about WordPress share them if you like what you see hit the like button and ask any question in comments below.

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