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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 5495 Administrator

Instructions and Help about Which Form 5495 Administrator

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen we just got see 748 and before we box it up and send it back I thought it might be a good idea if we take a look at the universal print driver we in the past we've looked at HP lexmark rico and xerox is universal print drivers and you know lexmark's been in this game as long as anybody and they deserve a look at theirs as well so as you can see there's a postscript in a pcl version of the universal print driver we downloaded the pcl version so let's see what happens let's go to town and when we get done take a look at some of the advanced custom install options that offered by by lexmark i'd see how that dovetails in with the with the universal print driver so let's click this and see what happens it's extracting the print driver and it's running the setup program we agree to the terms extract and install and to the specified location and starts the add printer wizard this is recommended for network connections install only it's recommended for local connections like USB ports like I can't imagine why anybody want he's a universal print driver on USB but I imagine somebody would or Lex wouldn't bother with this install we're doing the recommended install for a network connection the 748 is on our network and here's the embedded web server okay printer wizard information following instructions on the winter / windows printer wizard he'll be asked to identify the printer manufacturer click the have disk button and then browse to this location here and you can actually I guess I can copy it and I okay what type of printer do you want to install local or network wire wireless or Bluetooth through one network okay it's finding where it is any 748 next installing a printer and we got to remember to do this once we are prompted enter this path into the hab disk location hopefully this installing printer won't take too long down here saying installing device driver software and also since he it says here that this path is also listed in the copy manufacturers file from pull down and with these instructors will remain until the printer wizard is completed installation so come on wizard do your thing okay we started this at 12 47 s now 1257 take a minute or two Oh way for mom the talking in the screen recorder possibly slowing it down but way now I've got a window here that says he's successfully added ET and a printer name I'm going to change it next 7 48 I know 2c c 748 de i'm going to call it a upd for the universal print driver and it says here the the series ps3 driver was installed as you can clearly see that I downloaded and click to something clicked on something there called 32 pcl which is this one here so i'm not sure why it went and did that install the ps3 driver but much of a choice at this point so let's click click Next I share this printer generally don't share this winter it's on the network I don't want as a default printer I don't want to test the print a test page now it never asked me for the that one little window went away and never asked me for the never asked me for the location of the files like it wanted me to do in that little box that we were looking at before so let's see what the what it looks like in devices and printers here I mean it took a full minutes to install but it was relatively painless the only problem I have is it an installed Pete PostScript instead of a pcl driver and quite frankly out there the 748 shipped with a pcl driver I wasn't even sure if it actually had PostScript whether it was optional or not so that's why I in Shirley said to be safe let's download and install the pcl driver because i know that this particular printer has pcl but evidently it has PostScript as well and once this tunnel was taken this so long man something to do with the screen recorder so let's see what it looks like printing preferences now this is going to work the same UI it's going to work for just about any lexmark that is that is pcl or postscript compatible it's not going to work with the lower at low ending chats it'll work with the office edge 5500 but it below that it's this this will not work and it looks identical to the pcl driver that that that's with it stalled with the c7 4800 minute now this is sans fees series ps3 okay so here's a ps3 and you know what we looked at when we tested it was PC I'll now it's Pete I'm a little bit at a loss for words here let's look at screen shots from the test report just to be sure before we move on this is turning into a little bit of an adventure see 748 de screenshots printer web page installation printer oh no it was it was ps3 I was mistaken I made a big fuss for nothing so anyway I did say you can see clearly see that the download says pcl so I guess it looks at what driver you have and build on that rather than being too specific but anyway it all turned out okay it's all good just confused me which is a little bit to eat these days but anyway you can see that the the driver itself is just like identical to to the one is shipped with a unit so that means that all of you are all of your Lex walks on your organization could could actually have the.

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