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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 5495 Statutes

Instructions and Help about Where Form 5495 Statutes

So today I thought it might be fun if I broke the law I tracked down ten of the weirdest laws I could find from America and today I'm gonna break them right here in Ireland now I'm not gonna go rob a bank let's be for real here but I am gonna break ten legitimate actual factual laws so prepare yourself because I'm probably not something a bad girl would say hmm the first American law I'm gonna break today is jaywalking now I learned an interesting thing when I was researching this video jaywalking was actually created by the motor industry itself back in day in order to popularize cars when cars were first introduced people who are walking around on their own two legs felt like they owned the streets and the car people said no that should not be so we should be the most important people on the road so they began a campaign to encourage the shunning basically of people who didn't stick to the walking lane which is now called the sidewalk or the footpath or the pavement depending on where you're from and where you're watching this video we covered that in a whole other video this one is particularly popular and while it is a minor offense it is illegal you can technically go to jail first if the cop is in a bad mood that day you basically wouldn't want to get a police officer on the day he found out that McDonald's don't sell fudge sauce anymore yes that's an actual thing my life is over so up I go breaking the law for you what a bad person I am such a rabble aren't I low number to the next law I'm gonna break is one that's not exactly pertinent to me because I don't driver well it's pumping your own gas so in America it's a thing that when you go to a garage or what do you guys call it let me know in the comments frequently a person who works there will pump your gas we call it putting petrol in again not everywhere but it's a things that's quite mainstream in America in Ireland the idea of somebody pumping your gas that is so passe don't do that when people do this I don't really know what that means it's just really strange it's kind of like when you go to a nightclub and the attendant working in the bathrooms tries to help you wash your hands and you're like and then you usually give them a tip for helping you with a thing that you didn't really need help with now breaking this law was actually more problematic than I had intended because I don't own a car and I also realized while doing it I've never come to petrol before so basically I just bought a random person free petrol and this is how it went Music I'm probably gonna have to learn to drive at some stage and yeah I probably will do it on camera for your entertainment next up is spitting spitting is gross okay I understand if you're playing sports you might need to speak because you know reasons I also understand that if you have a medical condition you might need to spit because reasons but if you are just spitting because you think it's cool you are disgusting day when I see a cute guy walking along the road and they're just walking and then they just suddenly got on like ooh if you're walking around and your regular day and you're finding you have an access to live a problem you should see your doctor because it's probably the symptom of something if you're doing it to look cool it's not cool so anyway in some parts of America they made phishing illegal because Bakke day tuberculosis was a thing and tuberculosis can kill you so they figured spinning was spreading the disease and was not good which is a good reason for a law well done Oklahoma and so I went out and tried to spit for your viewing pleasure I may have cheated this one a little and action come on you can do it you're a bad boy remember go Laughter this next one was brought to my attention by one of my patrons and it's Vermont's public nudity law so you can do whatever you like on private property whatever you like but when you go outside you can't take off your clothes now there is a loophole Dramat because you can go out of your house with your clothes already off and that would be a matter of discretion for a police officer who happened upon you but it's not expressly illegal the problem they have is with the disrobing whilst you are in public and this law exists in a couple of other states too so I guess let's go get naked did you really think I was gonna do that one for real did you really think I would you shall be ashamed of yourself the next law has kind of been retracted in a lot of states but some people still have it in their law rules whatever they're called but it came in in the 90s and it's to do with baggy pants baggy pants are illegal in some states are you guys call them saggy pants which is strange because we'd refer to a saggy arse but not the clothing item so much anyway in the 90s baggy pants were hugely popular and this meant that people who wore baggy pants had to put a lot of thought into their boxer shorts or one hope they put a lot of thought into their boxer shorts because the whole world could see them and the reason baggy pants was made illegal was to fault number one people kept falling over like for real in a.

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