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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 5495 Representative

Instructions and Help about Where Form 5495 Representative

Music the Honorable the speaker Almighty God we give thanks to you the creator of the universe and humbly beseech you to direct and prosper the deliberations of members of the South Sea assembled for the advancement of your glory and the trust and welfare of the people of trinidad and tobago granted peace and happiness truth and justice may be established among us for all generations amen I mean namaste Auto affirmation announcement by the speaker honourable members correspondence has been received from the president of the Senate dated February 5th 2022 which states as follows there honorable speaker establishment of Joint Select Committee your letter dated February 19 on the subject at caption I wish to advise that at a sit-in held on Tuesday Feb refill 2022 the Senate concurred with the house on the establishment of a joint select committee to consider and report by March 31st 2022 on the National Statistical Institute of trinidad and tobago bill 2022 and the following six members were appointed to serve on the committee mr. Clarence ramrod miss Paula goopy school dr. Lester Henry mr. taharka Abeka Miss America do Narayan mysteries sip Assad accordingly I respectfully request that a House of Representatives be informed of this decision at the earliest convenience please respectfully senator the Honourable Christine kanga Liu president of the Senate bills brought from the Senate but assurance people's Minister of Finance madam Speaker on behalf of the Minister of Finance I have the honor to lay the following people's people number one the audited financial statements of the national information and communication technology company limited for the financial year ended September 30th 2022 a plus two and three the report of the Auditor General of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago on the financial statements of the public transport service corporation for the years ended September 30th 2022 and 2022 it was four and five the report of the Auditor General of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and the financial statements of the sawal of until regional cooperation for the years ended September 30th 2022 and 2022 madam Speaker I beg to move that people one be referred to the public accounts enterprises committee and papers two to five be referred to the Public Accounts Committee thank you very kindly honourable members the question is that people one be referred to the public accounts enterprises committee and people's two to five be referred to the Public Accounts Committee all in favor say aye any against the I Sabbath lead of the house thank you very kindly madam Speaker madam Speaker I have the honour to lady following papers papers six and seven the response to the sixth report of the Joint Select Committee on social services and public administration on an inquiry into mental health and wellness services and facilities in Trinidad and Tobago the responses are from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of National Security paper number eight the response of the personnel department to the 15th report of the Public Accounts enterprises committee on the examination of the audited accounts and sheets and other financial statements of the youth training and employment partnership program for the financial years 2022 to 2022 thank you very much madam reports from committees Prime Minister's Questions member for Barataria sanguine Minister did did the prank question wonder the Prime Minister deliberately shut down central block of the Port of Spain General Hospital in order to facilitate another Chinese company takeover our construction programme Prime Minister thank you madam Speaker that question is ridiculous as a former Minister of Health the Honourable member for Barataria Sawa will know that since 2022 there was a report from the Pan American Health Organization on the impact of a seismic event on the central box block Atwater Spain General Hospital where it was indicated that if the central block suffered a seismic event of the order of 7.0 on the Richter scale there could be a catastrophic collapse there's also the Aran Bush report that supports that view all of this is well known to the Honourable member for Barataria therefore the question is ridiculous I notice he didn't answer the other faculty question is it not suspicious that the central blog tender was changed from a PPP model to a government-funded model without return during a sauna at one this is not part of the question but I also rule that this is not supplemental number for poochie's thank you very much Monica would the Acting Prime Minister indicate the process whereby the Chinese company was armed procured and madam Speaker is it captain Prime Minister say that the question is ridiculous having been approved by the chair that is contempt of the chair we should not member for approach is I don't drool at as a supplemental question maybe for Barataria son on question two questions to the diandra Prime Minister could their prime minister indicate why the hurry to decant the central block of Portus mean General Hospital after it would stood a 6.9 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale Prime Minister similarly madam Speaker the Honourable member for Barataria someone being a former Minister of Health is well aware of the technical and engineering reports on the central block of the foetus be in General Hospital and during his tenure would have received many communications on this matter and I've viewed the Aaron Bush report and the PAHO report and be intimately familiar with same the but the fact of the matter is madam Speaker which I am sure the members of Barataria is well aware since there it has been widely publicized after the earthquake last year the staff and the patients who occupied the central block and their families indicated they are complete unwillingness to continue to occupy the building this was also this view was also expressed by the trend to be a go Medical Association an eternal and tobago registered.

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