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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 5495 Priorities

Instructions and Help about Where Form 5495 Priorities

Kara was 23 weeks pregnant with their fourth child when she was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma the doctor told her that she should start cancer treatment immediately but to Kara I knew that cancer treatment would be very bad for the baby and she also knew that the baby would have a much better chance of surviving if they were able to wait until the 28th week of pregnancy and so she said no at 28 weeks they delivered her baby all two pounds one point two ounces of an otherwise healthy baby girl that was December 5th Kara died three days later on December 8th and why did she die because she had to make a decision as to what was most important her life or the life of her daughter she had a priority and we see what that was the Christmas season is also a time of priorities maybe you don't think that the priorities that that you have to that you have to decide on matter as much as the one that Kara did but you have priorities of where to spend your time where to spend your money who to give your attention to which party to go to how many days off of work to take so you can spend with your family lots of different priorities and then of course during the Christmas season there's maybe the question in the back of your mind of whether or not you are anybody's priority well anyone remember you well they get you what you wanted well they care well they remember the hint that you dropped a while back there are all sorts of priorities that come up during the Christmas season and it's always been that way I don't know if there was a more overlook to group back in the original Christmas story than the Shepherd's out in the field nobody really gave them their priority nobody paid any attention to them they were just shepherds watching over sheep and nobody really cared much all about them but then one night suddenly something exciting happened some angels appeared in the sky and announced to them the birth of a new baby that that the Angels encouraged them to visit and then the Shepherd's had a question of priority do they stay with the Sheep for which they're responsible or do they leave them behind to go and check out this new baby that they knew nothing about yeah we see their answer in Luke chapter 2 when it says when the Angels had left them and gone into heaven the Shepherd's said to one another let's go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened which the Lord has told us about they left the Sheep the Sheep weren't their first priority anymore it was a baby that they didn't know that they knew nothing about and do you know what they discovered when they found that little baby I found somebody who would grow up one day and show us exactly what meant more to him than anything show us what had priority in his heart and unlike Kara he would have to make a choice as to whether he considered his life to be most important or yours Christmas is the celebration of a baby in a manger who would grow up and show us very clearly with his life and with his death that you will matter to him more than anything whatever's going on in your past whatever stress you're feeling in the present whatever anxieties you think are waiting for you in the future Christmas is the reminder is that you will always have priority in the heart of God do you know anyone getting lost in the shuffle of Christmas this year anyone who could use a reminder that God has their eyes on them and their needs as they get into this busy holiday season why don't you share this video with them share your comments below about how God has helped you keep your priorities straight during the Christmas season and we'll see you tomorrow.

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