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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 5495 Estates

Instructions and Help about Where Form 5495 Estates

Music all right what category you wanted you what do you feel it I don't even know I feel like I have so much information in my head but I can't I have a hard time getting it like once I look at the information I don't know I forget it so let's just go over the whole kit and kaboodle huh sure it's just you have master exam a mixture of everything of all the goods what do you think okay all right let's go what do you think so read it read it out loud and then we'll go through it okay okay what sure the following would not be considered an impertinent trade fix your swimming pool trees are an easement trade fixture okay well what is it a pertinent mean it's attached to the land okay good it runs with the land excellent so you know the answer I try you sound one more confident when you say it okay so do trees go with the land yeah good let's swim pool or to keep you like remove this room hold and I gonna sell you the house while taking a swing pool with me no good so that's gonna be a project all right easement no okay what's a trade fixture that's like if you have if you put in shelves for your business or something something that has to do with your with your business that you built that you can take with you when you leave right so does that go with the land no so what's the answer trade fixture let's see boom you're on a roll okay okay so good so right off the bat with that one will see it to wrestle him you sound like you know you're talking about on that one but she doesn't sound confident so once you have a little more like this the ends are boom and the reason is because I don't want you second-guessing yourself okay because second-guessing yourself could be disastrous it hurts a lot of people okay what do you think here so read this one out loud which method would an appraiser most likely use to appraise a newly built one year old apartment building okay what are the options market approach cost approach income approaching capitalization approach okay what do you think the answer is I know I know that income in capitalization hmm I feel like income and capitalization aren't the answer can you say they're not the answer instead of art the answer lets me as you're right so what do you think either market or cost okay well what's the market approach you you compare the property to other properties good so really is no there's no reference to age because you can find old properties old properties right yeah so it's not relevant what's the cost approach the costs to to build the building good so when you're building the building its new correct you just said you built the building right uh-huh so what's the answer costume and that's just simply because it's new exactly yeah I mean some of this stuff is much simpler than people think the cost approach is that simple how much you cost to build it brand new okay okay like you said income a cavitation have to do with much more business practices how much money it's making things of that nature it doesn't reference that at all which is why you said can't be in cover capitalization approach correct yeah so if it said like if it said something about rent then you would choose right yeah well if it started well you have to read the complete question but if that would be a red flag for you started talking about you know how much money it's bringing in then yes that's a different deal okay okay here's a question which approach would are you going to use as a real estate agent market good excellent now obviously you can use any of them I should rephrase that which one you're most likely gonna use and you got a right market approach okay read this one if an appraiser is appraising a special purpose property he would probably use the rule and residual approach cost approach income approach market data approach okay if an appraiser pretty special-purpose property he would probably used the okay first question what's a special-purpose property I would say it's something that it's not an apartment it's not a house it's something you don't see a lot of okay give me an example I'm guessing a government building that's example good so like library schools police stations things of that nature okay okay so can you do comparisons for a library not really no do libraries have income now so which of these two do you think will best fit cost approach boom we went over it for good excellent we're in a standard narrative appraisal report would one likely find the value type of value being estimated the statement of purpose good that just one of those she's gonna know there's no fun little examples for that one one of the main benefits of sale-leaseback transaction would be think you could get the deposit back - no objection the ability of the seljuqs all future rent payment as business expenditure in the options at least the property back after the termination at least the ability to maintain the book value of the new buyer what do you think if it's a lease back your you own the building and then you sold it and you're paying rent to sell unit excellent good so definitely not the first option or the last option the ability of the seller to deduct all his future rent payments ready excited nice so far getting a hundred percent now why why would it be in a business expenditure okay so think of it this.

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