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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 5495 Directory

Instructions and Help about Where Form 5495 Directory

Whoa Alan damn y'all good to see you again today we are going to talk about directory services we've so far done a whole bunch of videos on identity arranging in from what is identity authentication authorization Federation self-service that's about it and now we're gonna talk about directory services we are let's start off with what is a directory so in order to really understand it the rectory we've got to go back about 25 years back into the days the dark days of Netscape really what we wanted to try and do was to have a database listed store uses in and at the time we were living in these problems of having constrain machines we had no processing power not much memory relatively small disks so we needed to have a simple easy-to-use database that we could store information about users it okay and that's really the history behind directory underlying data store it doesn't just have to be users oh no no you can store anything you like in there it is actually a database and our products use it for storing things like tokens or tokens sam'l assertions things about users devices and things users the Rice's and things go into the directory okay so that's cool so where's it about - what's the vary the directory basically and say is a key and opening towards identity right this most of the directory well most of the identity vendors have some form of directory that they talk about the design of the directory unlike SQL databases the designers of directory is designed to allow for massive scale it's got the basic assumption that the underlying data is simple you don't have a lot of join tables and weird things like that so making queries be very simple and quick got it so when you say quick you're talking about like massively fast reads massively Fox we're talking 40,000 reads per second okay and neck that gets to the point of like when you're authenticating it could be authenticated at 20:30 every month air for your education request has been hit the directory to find out your username and your password so performance is essential particularly you're taking a mission-critical applications and when you're talking about millions or tens of millions of entries so let's go without them so when you're talking about a directory and you're talking about that in an enterprise enterprises are global hmm so how do you handle the data that might be in North America or a Mia or a PJ or who knows what well basically you put a copy in and the way the directory does that is it uses a technology called replication okay so what replication does is each one and here we've got three different directory stores each one of them basically has a diary a journal and it keeps track of where it is in the update process what it last modified and so utilizing that when one of the directory service changes something it can notify the other ones and it's got a specific date and time or a number and log of what its changed and can therefore propagate that out to all of the others you can keep them all in sync so essentially you can replicate your data across the globe and you can replicate parts of your data that's where it's gonna go so with with things like a different laws for different countries like Germany you might not be able to replicate certain data outside of the country boundaries accident you can't you can choose or you might have an internal store with all of your employees in it and an external one that only has phone extensions okay so we what so far we said it's a data that's data store for all of your identity data and it's focused on massive scale really really fast reads what about rights has involved around right rights have always been so one of the problems if the directories are built for speed and therefore they've got lots of indexes and it's always been traditionally slower to update those in it's been getting better so right now the rights are getting faster and faster that's still reputed to be slower but they're getting better and better as you know in there we have so what you really care about what the director is read read read read read absolute okay and then I think about it authentication you login hundreds of times and change your password once so the reads are much more important than the rights right dad it makes sense and then we have LDAP here what's what's held up well back is the protocol attacks for lightweight directory access protocol ok interesting thing about that is that it's a well-known protocol with the the older generation you know the other guys are using wrists so if folks like you know LDAP absolutely I know exactly ok and so what we've added with in our product is the ability to talk arrest natively data so rester LDAP can be used to speak to the directory absolutely very cool so it is truly the foundation the pillar in identity ok well with that appreciate your your input and history on the directory and thank you John to our cinematographer who's zooming in very close to my face take care I appear to have lost damn yo.

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