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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 5495 Directory

Instructions and Help about Where Form 5495 Directory

Whoa Alan, damn y'all, good to see you again today. We are going to talk about directory services. We've so far done a whole bunch of videos on identity. Arranging in from what is identity authentication, authorization, Federation, self-service, that's about it. And now we're gonna talk about directory services. Let's start off with what is a directory? So, in order to really understand the directory, we've got to go back about 25 years, back into the days, the dark days of Netscape. Really what we wanted to try and do was to have a database listed store uses in, and at the time we were living in these problems of having constrain machines. We had no processing power, not much memory, relatively small disks. So, we needed to have a simple, easy-to-use database that we could store information about users. It okay, and that's really the history behind directory, underlying data store. It doesn't just have to be users, oh no, no, you can store anything you like in there. It is actually a database and our products use it for storing things like tokens or tokens sam'l assertions, things about users' devices and things users the Rice's and things go into the directory, okay? So that's cool. So, where's it about? What's the vary? The directory basically, and say is a key and opening towards identity, right? This most of the directory, well, most of the identity vendors have some form of directory that they talk about the design of the directory unlike SQL databases. The designers of directory is designed to allow for massive scale. It's got the basic assumption that the underlying data is simple. You don't have a lot of join tables and weird things like that. So, making queries be very simple and quick,...