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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 5495 Copyright

Instructions and Help about Where Form 5495 Copyright

I'm John Harrington author of the book best business practices for photographers and more best business practices for photographers we're here on Capitol Hill right next to the Library of Congress where we normally go to do our registrations in person this entire video walks you through step by step how to use the electronic Copyright Office in order to do a registration of published images you'll need a spreadsheet and we provided that spreadsheet at a URL below now this example is of a group registration of published images separately we're going to do a video that will show you how to do a series of unpublished images so stay tuned for that we use Adobe Acrobat Photo mechanic and Microsoft Excel in order to do this process now once you've watched the video you may find that there is a solution that actually works better with applications that you're using so that's fine I'd like to thank noted copyright expert Jeff Sedlec and Jeff Suarez for the ideas that provided fodder for this system the system takes less than an hour to do from beginning to end to registering thousands of images so if you're doing it every month it's about an hour a month while we live and work here in Washington DC it's now actually easier for us to use the e c.o to register our images than to do it in person don't worry get your images registered now and moving forward and then as you're more comfortable with your images and the registration process you can go backwards and do them that way now we've shortened the duration of this video so that you can actually have to watch progress bars as we're doing it so but the reality is is it does take about about an hour maybe less to do your registrations and disclaimer I am NOT an attorney so if you have legal questions about the registration process or how to do it please consult with an attorney now let's get started we organized our work and thus our registrations by month you're free of course to do it by project or however it suits your workflow best here's one month's worth of assignments they are just downsampled images from our high-resolution images we exported out of lightroom for this month there were 11 assignments beginning on November 1st and ending November 22nd within just that month here are a few of those individual assignments now we'll switch to the application we've chose to do renumber and PDF contact sheets photo mechanic and an empty window that they refer to as a contact sheet select ingest next from the file drop-down menu once the ingest dialog box comes up click Add and then select the parent folder that contains all the images you want to register select the destination folder where all the images will be copied to under destination folder routes will create a combined folder using the word combine files at the end now we'll be renaming the files to make them shorter we choose a sequence of four digits at the beginning add in an underscore followed by the year month and day select ingest and let it do its work once the images appear in the contact sheet window you can see here that there are seven thousand five hundred and sixty-six images this is an important number to remember here you'll see the new file names you'll also see here the number of images in the folder we created matches the number in photo mechanic here you'll also see that the file name is much shorter than the original file name this is important for the maximum amount allowed by the Copyright Office back in the finder again here's the original folder with the longer file names and here's the new one with the shorter file names within the finder from the Edit drop-down menu choose select all and then choose copy doing this within the finder would actually copy the files from one place to another however when going into Excel it just copies the filenames individually switch to excel open the Excel spreadsheet we've created for you if you don't have it already you can download it at the URL that's on the screen now scroll down to cell a1 for T and select paste from the Edit drop-down menu the file names are automatically entered into successive cells one below the other now scrolling back to the top of the spreadsheet you'll need to answer a few questions the first is are the titles below works that have been published in this instance we're typing yes in all capitals next you'll enter the name of the registry that would likely be you in this case I'm doing my own registration so I enter my own name next you'll enter an answer to which registration is this we do it monthly so for November it's 11 however we're doing two registrations for November so it's 11a for us here now you'll identify how many PDF documents you'll be uploading unless there's a specific reason otherwise the answer here should be one now let's have a look at the auto-generated title of work we've chosen this title format in style however you're free to use any title you want this title will use the answers from above including the name registration number a number of PDFs along with the number of photographs being registered you note here that the number is six thousand nine hundred and fifty and not the seven thousand five hundred and sixty six that was the total for the month of November next review the auto-generated previous or alternative titles field this includes the number of images you're registering you'll need this during the actual registration the next auto-generated information is the note2 copyright office information you also need this during the actual registration as this is where you'll be.

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