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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 5495 Authorizes

Instructions and Help about Where Form 5495 Authorizes

Music hi I'm Andy playing founder of Maldives calm and in this video we'll be working with our author I start an extension for our life forms module so let's get started what we're gonna do in this in this video is accept an e-check or a debit a bank account as a payment from our customers I have a simple form here where in choose between two different games and we will be charging this amount to the customer and they'll be paying using their a check or using an ACH or basically we're providing their routing number and account number so let's get started I already have the form set up with the basic fields that are needed take a look at a different video on how to calculate fields and show the total we won't be covering that in this video but I will be I'll be setting up how to set each X in this particular video so let's get started I'm gonna go to options actions payments and authorize.net you can give this any action name you like I'll just call this authorize whatever the action name is which is what you use for any tokens and subsequent actions so I'll show an example of that as we go forward add your login ID and your transaction key you can get this information from authorized.net or refer to our documentation I am running in sandbox or test mode so I'll check that and then here I'm gonna say we're not using we're not charging using credit card we want to charge using a bank account so we'll do that I can skip all the billing address it's not required for our a check so the payment information the bank account type is a drop-down that...