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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 5495 Attorneys

Instructions and Help about Where Form 5495 Attorneys

New most firms will put you in from the bar and have your license stripped you lied to a client and he figured it out yes exactly don't lie to a client you should not lie to a client and defraud them Music hey legal eagles D James Stone here teaching you how to think like a lawyer today we're tackling a fan-favorite highly requested suits now I've never seen a full episode of suits before but I'm guessing from the title that it's about a group of men who wear suits you can tell I'm I'm very perceptive about these things as always if you see any legal or factual inaccuracies please leave me a comment below in the form of an objection if you object I will get to it and I will either sustain or overrule your objection but let's dig right in oh and by the way stick around until the end of the episode where I give suits episode 1 a grade for legal realism so you won't want to miss that but without further ado let's dig in to suits episode 1 first of all Gerald if you think anyone's gonna touch this deal after your bad faith you're mistaken second the way our agreement works is the Mini Cooper signed the deal which gave you everything you wanted our feat was doing payable which is why instead of 30 I received confirmation of a wire transfer from escrow indicating payment in full wait is is the deal done or not the no transaction on the planet would have someone transfer a huge amount of money before the deal is consummated now there are companies that deal in this sort of thing they're called escrow companies if there is an amount that is coing from one company to another then you give your money to an escrow company they hold it until all the deal terms are complete and then they turn it over when certain criteria are met if any lawyers drafted a deal that had a wire transfer going before the the terms are complete that's probably malpractice so this is this is crazy I don't know what deal they're talking about that that would not happen we got paid before gerald signed the day are you talking about this is a memo about some fire drill on Tuesday good the blue team cap and get the word fire okay all right so what this person has done is called fraud he has made up facts that are not true in order to induce someone to enter into an agreement when you induce someone based on fraud that is called fraud and the inducement and when you commit fraud in the inducement that deal is null and void because you fraudulently got them to enter into a deal so if this deal goes through and the other guy finds out that he's been lied to in a fraudulent manner that deal is no longer done and it would be unwound and the whole thing would just blow up so that's not good lawyering good lawyers don't like good lawyers use the facts as they exist in the real world to make sure that all the parties get their best deal they do not lie in order to consummate a deal that's that is bad lawyering that is malpractice and it might be a crime all right so he's an LSAT cheater and he hit his he hit his test so that no one would know that he cheated Music this is really interesting LSAT sore the law school entrance exam is very important it's how you get into a good law school it's how you get into any law school so it's not surprising then that given how important the LSAT is there is some cheating now the board that offers the LSAT has tried to combat cheating so they require you to bring in a driver's license or other valid form of ID and they check that when you enter and when you leave but sometimes people get around that given how important it is is not surprising that there are some really nefarious people out there who are going to try to game the system and try and get a good LSAT score because it can change the course of your entire career I said I was gonna get you a 150 I told you I wanted a 175 and I told you only one out of a hundred people to score that that's right if you score a 175 that means you're in the 99th percentile actually you're well into the 99th percentile of the LSAT it scored from 120 points two hundred and eighty points so if you score a 175 that means that you are basically in the 99.5% I'll that is very very high and so he's not exaggerating when he says a 175 is only procured by 1 out of 100 people and he said he scored a 158 that's not a great score that's probably in the 80th or 85th percentile so not bad but certainly not a score that's going to get you into one of the top tier law schools out there so it's funny that he's complaining about the score that he cheated and got from this guy we need people who think on their feet not another clone with a rod of his s Harvey the fact we only hire from Harvard gives us a cachet that's a little more valuable than hiring a kid from Rutgers you went to Harvard Law I'm an exception find me another one all right so the recruiting process is a fascinating process in law school and with firms that I could talk about for hours suffice it to say there are firms that only hire from certain schools now there probably aren't any law firms that hire only from Harvard you're probably.

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