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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 5495 Affiliated

Instructions and Help about Where Form 5495 Affiliated

Okay this is very simple for us tax purposes are you a u.s. person now if you click yes then they will probably ask you for more information like your social security number etc I don't have that I'm not a US person so I'm going to click no but I believe if you are from the US then you would understand how to get through the next stage of it so I'm going to click no and click on save and continue okay now it comes on X information interview you have selected that you are non-us person for tax purposes we will now gather your personal to complete the application IRS text form type of beneficial owner and this is what you need to select okay if your cooperation partnership and things like that okay I recommend you keep things easier click on individual anyway when Amazon pays you a check it's going to be to your name so there's no real need to go to and select the other stuff keep it individual and country of citizenship select such for the country that you are from I'm going to select Malaysia Malaysia and the full name it's very important because you don't want Amazon to issue a check to the wrong name okay are you acting as an intermediary no and then put in your permanent address again Amazon has my address because I'm an Amazon shopper and I also have other Amazon Associates or affiliate account so you need to select your permanent address and your mailing address if it's different you can select others but I'm going to click same as permanent address okay and now for u.s. person tests individuals ok US tax law requires Amazon to test whether any of the following conditions apply they would change your text status for US tax purposes from a non-us person to a US person ok select all the item items that apply I don't have a valid US passport born in the US nope very green card nope spend time in the u.s. in the past three years nope okay and please confirm where the services provided to Amazon will be perform okay all services are perform outside the US that's why I recommend you to put I'll go your web hosting account may be in the US but it doesn't really matter and I will okay yes I will provide notification in writing or by retaking the text information interview it seems like a lot of hassle because it is a lot of hassle us taxation law is a lot of hassle but if you go to this one then you don't have to do it again all right X identification number I have a US tax identification number if you paid X in the u.s. before I have a for a non US income tax identification number I have both the US I do not have okay so if you have paid tax in your own country you can select I have a foreign non US income tax identification number if you have never played text before you can select I do not have a US or foreign non US income tax identification number save and continue okay and now comes on the tax information interview tricky benefits you may be eligible to claim a reduced rate country of residence okay you can just select the country that you are from okay if the country is not in this list and you can just select non treaty country okay alright and you'll be asked for your tax identification number as well now if you think that amazon has no business knowing all this information you know then you can just say i do not have a text number save and continue all right and this is the famous w dash 8 ven and this is a required taxation form for all affiliates who are not in the united states so you may have skipped this part when you're setting up your account but if you have earned anything in Amazon other than the Amazon gift card you'll be eventually required to set up this form anyway so I recommend spending the initial stages to get this done so that when you earn a commission you won't have anything that is going to affect you getting a check from Amazon eyes when you are outside the US alright so and click on save and continue okay so basically Amazon is asking you over here if you allow them to submit the form as a digital form or the electronic form or if you want the documents to be mailed to you you can just select I consent to electronic receive of my information reporting documentation ok and the electronic signature as well so in a form that you just saw earlier okay let me go back so in this form this is an actual form that you can actually ask Amazon to print it out and send it to you where you can actually put your signature over here and fax it back to Amazon alright but I think there's a bit too much hassle so I'll just say yes I allow them to submit an electronic version and I consent to provide my electronic signature okay you go to this it's a lot of hassle I agree it's really a lot of hassle you know but this is a very typical of any us-based affiliate programs okay and I'll enter my name over here okay put in my email address and this would be the electronic signature and capacity individual submit all right your text form w8 has been received the progress is 100% Wow that took a long time and now let's click on exit interview finally now we are in the Amazon Associates program and this is the main site where you will start to promote all your products view.

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