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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 5495 Survey

Instructions and Help about When Form 5495 Survey

Hello everyone this is Anson from Anson Alex dot-com and in this video I'm going to show you everything that you need to know about creating and using Google Forms Google Forms are a great way to host surveys and questionnaires and you can easily track all of your data within Google Drive so let's take a look to use Google Forms you need to have a Google account and then you can go to forms google.com which will take you to this page that we're at right here notice that from this page we can actually create new forms just by starting with either a blank form or using one of the templates you can see contact information RSVP and so forth at the same time I think it's important to note that Google Forms are connected to Google Drive so if you're in Google Drive you could actually create a new Google form by going over to the new drop down going to more and then going to Google Forms notice that you can create a blank form right from here so when we click that a new tab opens up and we have started creating a new form so what we'll do is we'll go through and we'll take a look at some of our different options that we have when we create a form then we'll customize some of our settings here in Google Forms and then we'll go ahead and take a look at how we can share our form and review the data that comes back from the answers that we've received so to start creating our form we can just give it a title up here at the top so let's go ahead and create a question here asking people what type of tutorials that they'd like to see in the future you then we can go ahead and we can add our first question you'll see that Google already creates an untitled question for us to start with so we can go ahead and click down here to edit it where it says untitled question that's actually where we can put the question itself if I delete that al you'll notice it now says question so we can start with what's your email address now over here to the right we need to choose what type of question we'd like this to be so by default it's short answer but you can see that we have a number of different options some of them are self explanatory paragraph is just going to allow more characters than your short answer multiple choice is a multiple choice question checkboxes allow the user to submit multiple answers a drop-down would require the user to only select one answer from a drop-down list file upload allows the user to upload a file so this is great for if you're accepting sait essays you could have the users or students upload their essays with this file upload option then we have some of the more advanced questions over here we can do a linear scale so that might be you know how would you rate your experience on a scale from zero to ten and then we can create an actual scale multiple-choice grid questions are good sometimes when you're doing a survey on how somebody's experience was let's take a look at this one because I think that's a little bit more difficult to grasp so if we create a multiple-choice grid we're going to ask the user to give one response per row maybe each row would be a different aspect of the activity that they went through and in the columns we're going to have the answers let's take a look so first of all let's change our question and let's make our question how interested are you in the following topics so then in the different rows we're going to have the different topics so we can say iOS Android Mac OS and windows so now in the columns we can put our different levels of interest so we can say not at all somewhat or very so now for each of the rows they're going to answer how interested are they in iOS not at all somewhat very Android not at all somewhat very and so forth so you can see that's an example of one you would want to choose a grid question let's go ahead and save that one so that we can see it later on so to save that one I'm just going to create a new question and then we'll take a look at the drop-down again to create a new question here in Google Forms we're just going to click on the plus icon to the right side of our screen and you'll notice that a new question was added below and now our previous question we can kind of see how that matrix grid worked out and I think it makes a little bit more sense now see in action so let's go ahead and scroll down a little bit here and click back on the drop down for our second question the check box grid works just like the multiple choice grid except the users can select multiple answers in each row so they would be able to select not at all and somewhat obviously your question would need to be a little bit different than this but I'm sure that you can come up with some scenarios where you would use the check box grid then down here at the bottom we can also add a date and a time you now you'll notice that these might be out of order maybe we want the date and time at the top of the form so we can just grab these dots right here and we can pull it up so that it's now underneath the title but before the first question and.

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