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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 5495 Strategies

Instructions and Help about When Form 5495 Strategies

Hey what's up everyone its Matt comma founder of TV TC and in this video I'm going to show you five simple tips that you can start to implement today to allow you to have proper running form so maybe right now you're in the process of just starting to run and you're like you know you have no idea how to have where your arm is supposed to be where your hands are supposed to be and you want to just know exactly how to run properly or you have been running for a period of time and you just want to fine-tune how you how you run okay so here are five simple tips the first thing that I want you to think about is your shoulder blades okay what you want to have is a slight retraction with your shoulder blades and basically all that means is you want to have you own your shoulder blades to be slightly back the challenge with a lot of people is that their shoulders are forward and what this doesn't allow you to do which gets back into not just having proper running form but running for a longer period of time more efficiently is breathing okay your ability to run for a longer period of time it's a look a lot of it is gonna come down to how much oxygen you were allowing into your lungs so you right now if you're watching this video and your shoulder blades are really far forward go ahead and do this right bring your shoulders really far forward like this and try and take a big deep breath in compared to the shoulder blades right back over exaggerated you're a Latta you're allowing more oxygen to get into your lungs okay so when you're running I want you to think about slight retraction of your shoulder blades okay you don't have to over exaggerate it like you're a chicken or anything like that right just slightly it's a slight retraction okay that's the first thing the second tip is going to come down to your head position okay the challenge with a lot of people especially if they're working a desk job is that their chin either too far forward okay and you don't really stay all the way back usually it's really it's usually just the head is too far forward so once you want you to do is when you are running imagine that you have a string attached to your head yeah string attached to your head and it's literally stolen they're pulling you up again so you keeping a nice straight kind of posture shoulder blades slightly back and you don't like this you know looking down you know look it up it's just slightly just looking forward yeah and again coming down to the to the Airways allowing oxygen to get into the to the airways is if your change like this you're not allowing as much oxygen to get into your lungs again if you don't know everyone at first aid first day of course what do they tell you to do with a chin to pull it slightly up right allowing that oxygen to get into those lungs okay so when you're writing down look oh they look like this you get just slightly up and then you're able to breathe more efficiently yeah but had proper running form and you're able to run for a longer period of time the third thing they don't want to talk about is your arms the positioning of your arms the challenge with a lot of people that I see either yeah running like this okay they're running too far out la arms just going all over the place all their hands when they run it looks just look so weird like a spider or something like that wrong metaphor but you get the idea so where I want you to have your arm positions is just slightly touching your ribcage yeah you don't want it compressed in otherwise when you're running you're gonna get some massive chafe or along your armpits its own we don't want that I've had that it's terrible so what you want to do just slightly on your ribcage and when you're running imagine that you have these two doors tucked in to your to your shoulders right and you're really trying to keep it in there because if you touch the doors that everyone in the universe does okay so you don't want to touch those doorways so it doesn't big war you're going forward and you're keeping it nice and tight if it goes out like that then everyone in the universe dies we don't want that to happen so just keeping us slightly in okay I literally just came up with that metaphor wiles on this on the spot though if you're running it's gonna look like this okay shoulder by it slightly back chin slightly up and then you're running with the elbow is slightly tough did okay just like this go and also with the on positioning as well you notice that my arms that are in a 90 degree angle they know like this again they're just not some 90 degrees elbows going slightly back and so on cool so that's the third tip the fault pit they don't want you to think about is activating your core and the reason why this is so important and I'll leave a link above if you don't know how to activate your core because that can take four or five minutes I'm gonna keep this short so activating your call is really important because when you're running let's say that this is your this is your body here okay I'm literally just making this up on the spot if this is your body here and down below is your hips when you're running as you take one.

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