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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 5495 Referral

Instructions and Help about When Form 5495 Referral

Music hello my name's Katherine and with swish English we're going to be introducing you to the OE T exam today specifically looking at the writing sub test and how to improve your lexical resource and let's look at a sample letter this is a model answer if you like it is taken from a real example of an OE T example question and it is a very strong answer as it does address all of the criteria that you will be assessed on it's of sufficient length 180 to 200 words it's used the case notes correctly comprehension is good the structure and layout is very clearly a letter in this case it is a discharge letter to the nursing unit manager and the spelling punctuation and grammar is all excellent so this would have achieved a 5 in all areas of the marking criteria and essentially is the kind of standard you are trying to aim for in your exam so let's look at it together nursing unit manager the Rehabilitation Center Waterford so straight off we've got our address it clearly is a letter 10th of December 2022 these are stylistic features that all English letters would have which is very essential to include dear nursing manager the person we're addressing it to and Ari mrs. Beryl Casey 72 year old widow straight away we have the subject of the letter on 4th of February 2022 mrs. Casey fainted getting out of bed and fell she was admitted to hospital with a fracture of the left neck and femur she underwent emergency orthopedic surgery for a left femur through a plasti sorry for my pronunciation Austin Moore hip replacement under general anesthetic so straight away we're addressing what happened who this person is and what treatment up until now she is about to receive normally mrs. Casey's hypertension is treated with ramipril 10 milligrams daily post operatively she was hypertensive so ramipril was reduced to 5 milligrams daily her blood pressure needs monitoring twice a day for three days postoperatively she received three units of packed cells so requires a repeat jug of hemoglobin on day eight wound drain tubes were removed on day two alternate staples were removed on day five and the wound dressing remains dry and intact so that so far is our treatment of mrs. Casey and what you've done the remaining state was up for removal on day ten and the wound camera maiden exposed she now uses panadol or paladin for daily for hourly sorry as needed to manage pain mrs. Casey is mobilizing with a pickup frame and one assistant she uses an abduction pillow when in bed and her anti embolic stockings should remain on until day fourteen assistance is required for all daily activities mrs. Casey requires assessment for rehabilitation therapy prior to returning home so we've read talked about the treatment to date and then we are saying what needs to be done when you hand her over to the nursing unit manager if you have any questions please contact me nice stylistic feature of letters you're sincerely and then you would sign your name so looking at this and thinking about it overall task achievement yes it is very clearly a letter addressing all the issues a discharge letter in this case the spelling the grammar the punctuation is all excellent or correct and in terms of presentational features it is very clearly a letter structured with the address who it's to the date and also a sign off with your sincerely so this is an excellent example and a good model to kind of base your sample letters on you.

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