Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 5495 Payable

Instructions and Help about When Form 5495 Payable

Music if you are preparing for NEET 2021 you will need a test series go to how to forge click on buy test series and for only 500 rupees you will get more than 20 full mock tests for the net examination test paper difficulty will be the same as that of empty any 2021 half the price of other test series other sites will give you 10 tests for 2,000 rupees we will give you 20 plus tests for only 500 rupees two samples are also given how to forge so in this video I have some good news for all of you students who are preparing for the NEET examination here I have an article regarding some statistics of increase in medical seats in the past four years now this article says that in the last 4 years medical seats have been increased by 30% and this fact these statistics have been given by our prime minister narendra modi himself let's have a look at what this article says and how this will affect 2021 and how many seats can be possibly increased this year itself so first all this article says the numbers of undergraduate ug medical seats have been increased by almost 30 percent in the last four and half years the 1.5 lakh villainess elders are also being established to prprimary health care now what does 30% increase means is that as you all know there are already around 60,000 MBBS seats in India ug MBTA seats and in the last four years around 18,000 of these seats have been increased that means almost four years ago India had around 42,000 Z's and now it has over 60,000 seats now how this news is good news and how this news affects those students who are preparing for new 2021 day it's quite simple since the last four years seats have been increasing at a high rate of 4,000 to 5,000 per year it also means that this year itself many more seats are going to be increased and a conservative approximation we can say a least 5,000 to 6,000 MBTA seats will increase this year itself there are also few changes in the rules and regulations of MCI and these rules and regulations will make it more easier for the number of medical colleges to increase for the number of MBBS seats to increase as well so what I expect and from a few articles as well you can expect that at least 5,000 MBTA seats are going to be increased this year itself 2021 itself so after giving the NIT examination I've already shared quite a lot of new medical colleges with your students as well and even after the examination that is when the most number of colleges will be increased around the months of August to September and when we will get such information I would share it with you students as well but till then we will end this video over here if you liked this video and want to see more videos like this go out neat and medical colleges don't forget to press the subscribe button and the like button given below thank you you.