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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 5495 Opinions

Instructions and Help about When Form 5495 Opinions

We've got the brand new iPhone 10s and 10's max this is the gold 512 gigabyte model it's got a beautiful gold Apple logo here gold iPhone on the side before I open this I just want to show you where we started from this is the first iPhone box started from here now we're here what a beautiful family you have here okay now we can open so much like most of their iPhone a box seems we've got our paperwork right here here they are look at you even though I just saw these at the Apple event having them here in my own home and in my own two hands some people say I overreact I've tried really hard not to overreact maybe I'm not the one overreacting maybe you're the ones under reacting it's not my problem it's your problem look at these beauties this is such an incredible color I just can't get over how perfect this gold is I've been waiting for this gold since they started introducing gold phones because every time they would introduce a gold phone I was like oh I like it it's cool but it's not the gold that I want you guys remember I did have a gold phone previously I had the iPhone 8 which was more of a blush tone so then I did have it was the iPhone 6 I actually got that one I waited in line well there's somebody else here surprise the middle of nowhere in North Carolina first in line the phone line forms here oh this was the 6s that I got in gold they are about the same size and form factor overall blast back so this gold I felt was a little bit too yellow ii like these colors are pretty similar so this is the 8 this is the 10s Maxx and I'm hoping that I can even give you guys a really good color demonstration you can see that this 8 is a little more pinkish whereas this has really interesting kind of like a holographic reflectiveness to it I don't know if that's the technical term but that's what we're gonna call it you guys need a size comparison the 10s max is about the same size as the plus model phones just the regular tennis is about the same size as the iPhone 10 let's see what else we have in the box earpods standard issue lightning cables and power bricks oh man I forgot you didn't even actually need to use my knife I brought our beautiful gold knife for this unboxing this knife looks to be a little bit too yellow gold I don't want to smudge this up what we've got to do it my precious I've still never seen Lord of the Rings how many iPhone unboxings am I going to make that joke and not actually get the reference yeah it's turning on ok well this is starting up we've got another one I just wanna create a little like a small child so weird to have a huge phone again we've got face ID already to set up the belt I got some cases whoo this is Jenna's favorite color well it's a nice leather smell now you can't even tell that I have a gold phone I like the blue though cuz it is a good complement to the gold here's this brown leather case is this more of a tan color the official name is sad around super-classy so some of the differences between the 10s and the 10 is obviously it comes in a much larger size so this is the tennis Max and a 10s which looks very similar to the previous version it has an 8 12 chip which is a much faster processor so everything that you do on your phone will be a little bit faster the back facing cameras have so this allows for faster autofocus and improved low-light photos the super HDR feature is pretty cool it captures a bunch of photos all at once merges them together for the perfect shot I also love the advanced portrait mode you can adjust the aperture after you take a photo so that background blur that everyone loves you can set it to however much or however little you want so essentially you should just be able to go out push a button and take an incredible picture it's really taking the yard out of being a photographer isn't it just push your button and voila magic do I look like super half the time I end up taking iPhone pictures instead of using my expensive camera it's easier and the end up looking just as good sometimes I went a little more in depth and some of the things that were announced in all of the new phones and the watches in my reaction video from the Apple event okay I'm gonna stop talking because I don't take this thing out it's some cool slow-mo b-roll because you know that's what I like to do I'm not such a sucker for slow-mo Music Music so we're now down here by the beach I want to test out some more of a slow-mo video and because the Sun is super harsh this is gonna be the perfect situation to test out the smart HDR and the new extended dynamic range in the video because it's so bright the phone will automatically be able to adjust the highlights and the contrast and merge everything all into one photo so the photos in the video won't be too overexposed I need to show you what Jenna's doing just making it work this is great Oh someone else's trash okay Music demo of some of the absence of a ARCA - I'm so excited for the future of AR it's probably one of my most favorite things so this app is called night.

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