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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 5495 Employment

Instructions and Help about When Form 5495 Employment

This is Lisa from mobile tech review and this is the dell latitude 54 91 which you might might even assuming he would be correct and guessing that this replaces the 54 90 that came before it this is a very interesting if not odd for teenage business laptop or Ultrabook because well we see plenty of fourteen business laptops in unassuming black you know with lots of ports all that sort of thing you would expect a great keyboard are very attractive but inside of here instead of the usual ultrabook 15 watt quad-core CPUs until a generation that you would see in just about everything the ThinkPad team 480 everything else that dell makes pretty much in the business class and this size this one has 45 watt up to 6 core mobile workstation CPUs so that's the same Intel coffee-like CPUs you see in the XPS 15 our gaming laptop all that sort of thing but in a 14 inch package that's relatively speaking pretty thin and pretty light it's under an inch thick 22.8 millimeters who is this for we're gonna find out now so at one point six five kilograms which is three point six three pounds this thing is as light as any competing 14 inch business ultrabook it doesn't look too skinny from the sides but you know it's less than an inch thick it's not one of those super slim ultra looks like an x1 carbon or an XPS 13 even but given the horsepower inside that's fair there's no way you're gonna cram a six-course CPU or even the four core 45 watt core i5 8380 option that is also available you can get this with the core i5 or Core i7 again 45 watt mobile workstation CPU all day all night all the time starts around $1000 typical of Dell Latitude business laptops these things are expensive I assume that corporate buyers IT folks work out discounts when they buy in volume of course Dell always has all sorts of coupons but that thousand dollars bates price gives you a Core i5 and three gigs of DDR 426 66 megahertz Ram some hardly any RAM there 500 gigs 7200 rpm hard drive nobody's gonna get excited about a hard job eid IT department might voice that upon you to save some money and the display options are getting ready for at 1366 by 768 or full HD 1920 by 1080 both of those display options available with or without touch you can buy it either way and they're not particularly glossy which is nice not full on map and that's super duper glossy either so glare it is well controlled good thing because these displays are bright we'll talk about that in a bit our configuration which is pretty well maxed out with that core i7 in fact it's not the usual 8750 H that you see in gaming laptops and that sort of thing this is an 88 50 H because that's the V pro version the CPU so hundred megahertz faster a little bit of your there 16 gigs of ram a 512 gig nvme SSD and that's a Toshiba SSD the same one Dell uses in alien whereas in the XPS 15 you get the idea a lot and we have the full HD touchscreen there and there's also there's optional LTE 4G with Snapdragon x7 or if you want so you go for the the top-of-the-line kind of stuff there you're looking to probably around 2200 dollars or so so not cheap but I suppose if you're in that limited market for somebody who is looking for an incredibly powerful CPU in a very small package maybe it's tempting now the graphics this isn't like a razor blade 14 kind of situation here the graphics are it either Intel UHD 630 integrated graphics alone or you can get it switchable via Nvidia Optimus with NVIDIA MX 130 with 2 gigabytes of gddr5 vram dedicated graphics that's a very low-end dedicated GPU it is faster than Intel integrated graphics give you a little extra pleasure if you're doing some video editing or doing some photoshop but nothing to write home about this is not going to really be a gaming choice by any means so with older games if you're playing like Skyrim it will accelerate them a little bit ok so it's a pretty unique laptop it's a pretty expensive laptop what are the additional pluses here that might make you want to make the spend it does have Thunderbolt 3 full 40 gigabit per second the Machine this ports on both sides and on the rear it's a business laptop so this has some of those creature comforts I know some units lots of ports we even have Gigabit Ethernet on here we have three USB 3.1 ports you've got HDMI that's Wes BC port on the side can handle DisplayPort out you have an SD card slot you have a smart card reader because this is a business laptop so they're gonna have businesses or curity features like Dell has hard drive encryption and the fingerprint scanner on the key on the keyboard deck and optional windows hello IR camera as well in addition to that smart card reader so we've got plenty of security on board here for business buyers the keyboard of the trackpad on this are really nice I mean they're going up against ink pads and they know it and those have world class keyboards in pretty good track pens this is a white backlit with two stages are white backlighting keyboard with really nice travel good and deep and with nice tactile feel and spring it's a real pleasure to the type on and the trackpad which has the eraser stick now point style pointer to try to convert you over from thinkpads is also very good so you've got the dedicated buttons on the trackpad as well.

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