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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 5495 Employment

Instructions and Help about When Form 5495 Employment

This is Lisa from mobile tech review and this is the dell latitude 54 91 which you might might even assuming he would be correct and guessing that this replaces the 54 90 that came before it this is a very interesting if not odd for teenage business laptop or Ultrabook because well we see plenty of fourteen business laptops in unassuming black you know with lots of ports all that sort of thing you would expect a great keyboard are very attractive but inside of here instead of the usual ultrabook 15 watt quad-core CPUs until a generation that you would see in just about everything the ThinkPad team 480 everything else that dell makes pretty much in the business class and this size this one has 45 watt up to 6 core mobile workstation CPUs so that's the same Intel coffee-like CPUs you see in the XPS 15 our gaming laptop all that sort of thing but in a 14 inch package that's relatively speaking pretty thin and pretty light it's under an inch thick 22.8 millimeters who is this for we're gonna find out now so at one point six five kilograms which is three point six three pounds this thing is as light as any competing 14 inch business ultrabook it doesn't look too skinny from the sides but you know it's less than an inch thick it's not one of those super slim ultra looks like an x1 carbon or an XPS 13 even but given the horsepower inside that's fair there's no way you're gonna cram a six-course CPU or even the four core 45 watt core i5 8380 option that is also available you can get this with the core i5 or Core i7 again 45 watt mobile workstation CPU all day all...