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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 5495 Download

Instructions and Help about When Form 5495 Download

Hello everybody this is George Melnick's automotive in this video I would like to show you how to clear your hard drive or HDD on your Acura or Honda vehicle they're all pretty much the same and if you bought a used vehicle and you have some songs and pictures and things like that on the HDD which is your hard drive it's very hard to delete it if you don't know how to do it if you call the dealer he'll probably tell you to bring it in to get it done but here's what you're going to do all the vehicles are pretty much the same so you got your map guide cancel on destination route you're gonna press all three of those buttons at the same time just like this I'm just using my hand so I'll show you just a second you press and you hold them for a second and you're gonna get screened it looks like this okay so you're going to get take your knob and you're going to turn it clockwise you can turn a counter clockwise so once you get to the detailed informations and settings you're going to hit enter and then functional setup you're going to scroll down through functional setup and you're going to hit enter and here's what you got you got your HD record restrictions and demo mode all clear when you hit that it will say yes I know you're gonna select yes it'll give you a warning message saying everything will be deleted from the hard drive you select yes and it's gonna say now clearing HDD data please wait for a while so that usually takes some the more data you have the longer it takes usually takes an average two minutes or so maybe less but you don't want to shut off your car when it's doing this because you could screw it up you just want to you know sit and wait and once it's going to do its thing a qrl link screen going to come on and then eventually will as a matter of fact there you go um and then it will also tell you that there's no data on the hard drive so that's how you clear your hard drive on any Acura on the vehicle this was George Melnick's automotive please subscribe to my channel and I'll be posting very cool videos daily thanks for watching.

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