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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 5495 Copyright

Instructions and Help about When Form 5495 Copyright

This is great for musician monster.com and in this video i'm gonna show you how to copyright your music first go to a co copyright gov and either sign in or create a new account once you're signed in click register a new claim in the left side of the screen answer three yes-or-no questions first are you registering one work work being your music if your copywriting one song click yes if you're registering an album click no are you the only author and owner of the work if you wrote the song or the album by yourself click yes if you wrote it with others click no does the work you're sending contain material created only by this author did you write everything and it's all original material if it is click yes if it includes things you've licensed or samples click no then click start registration the type of work is sound recording and click the box and click continue first you need to enter the name of your album to do that click new click title type select and choose title of the work being registered from the drop down menu then click in the box of title of this work and enter the name of your album then click Save now that your album name is entered the next step is to enter the names of each song on your album to do that click new click title type select and choose content type then click in the box title of this work and type the name of one of your songs then click Save you could not type all of your songs at once in this box you must repeat the process I just described for each song on the album now that you have the title of the album and each song registered click continue if the songs you're currently submitting have been published already meaning you've used a site like toon core or BMI to publish and distribute your music already click select and choose yes if you have not published your music yet click select and choose no if you click yes you'll need to fill out the information on the next page with the relevant info so if you publish your music then you'll have all this information just go ahead and enter it here after you enter the publication info click continue the next step is to add the information necessary to credit the authors of the album and the songs if you're the sole writer of the music your copywriting you should be able to add yourself easily by using the information you used when creating your copyright account just click add me if not click new and into your information there then click continue after you register the author of the work you need to register the claimant this is the person or the organization that owns all rights to the work you're registering if you have an LLC or another entity created this is where you'd register that information if not you can simply repeat the information from the last step so in most cases you can skip limitation of claim if you're not sure I recommend contacting a copyright lawyer but that's not me so I'm just gonna click continue so this next page is the rights and permissions page I'm not going to enter any info here because the author of the album and the songs that I'm submitting is also going to be the primary contact so I'm just gonna click continue this next page is a correspondent page this is the person the Copyright Office will contact if it has any questions about this application by the way don't worry I have never been contacted by anybody and all the times I submitted so you just have it in case but don't worry you're not going to get contacted so this is mandatory all you have to do is enter your personal contact information the same info you use when creating your account is fine once you enter that click continue alright we're almost done the next step is to enter the address that you want the Copyright Office to mail the copyright certificate to this will more than likely be the same info you used from the last step once you enter that click continue special handling I have no clue what this is so I always click continue next you're certifying that you're the person who the copyright will belong to so click the box and then into your name you can leave the other two boxes blank and then click continue the final step is to review your submission just make sure the name of your album is in the title of work being registered and the names of the songs are all below it if you follow the steps in the video so far the info should be right so once you do that click Add to Cart to review your cases click on all cases you should see the title of your album you can click home at the top right to get back to the home page if you lose your spot click on the case number then click checkout pick pay deposit account or pay credit card / ACH it's letting you know you're leaving the copyright gov site to enter your CC info which is fine so just click OK on the next page enter your account information and click Submit to charge your card or your bank account after your payment is successful click continue this is where you upload your files to do that click the green buttons select files to upload select all the files for each song and click open to upload them then click start upload it's gonna take a bit so enjoy yourself relax grab a beer grab a coffee you're gonna have to wait to make.

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