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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 5495 Assessment

Instructions and Help about When Form 5495 Assessment

Hi there welcome to 1000 English grammar test practice questions from next-gen English as you can see these are questions 1 to 20 so hopefully we're going to start with the easier questions but don't worry if you find some of them a bit difficult or you know you're not sure about them because maybe there are one or two in there that you know might be a little bit more tricky to figure out but on the whole most of them are well beginner kind of questions dealing with simple grammar topics okay so let's move on to the first question then which is this is adding something as secretary so our options are is um our or B okay so this should be quite straightforward quite any simple question to start off with so naturally we're looking for which verb goes in here so we should start with looking at the subject over the center so the subject of the sentence is mrs. Allen and of course mrs. Allen is going to be a sheet so when we have she we just have to look at what verb or what form of to be goes with she of course it should be she is okay we can we can't say she are more she are will she be so she is is the the answer here so the first answer is a this is Alan is a secretary all right for it to be am we would need to be I as the topic that the subject we need to be I or are it would need to be a you or a we're as a and of course we don't use be in this in this way so let's move on to question number two which is my car something blue it's black okay and our options are aren't I'm not not and isn't so we have quite a few different options here we need to look at thee this is very similar question to in question number one so the this simplest thing to do here in this case is just to look again at this subject okay so the subject of the sentence is my car now my car what pronoun would we use to describe my car of course we would say it didn't we so it then we just have to look at which verb which will form of B goes with it now that should be quite obvious it is okay it is below alright so let's see if we have any is here and we do which is a option D of course it's not is on its own but it isn't however you can't see my car aren't because it's only one we can't play my car am NOT and of course that we don't have B with option C so of course the correct answer here is D my car isn't blue it's black okay let's move on to question number three number three is these cakes something delicious so our options isn't our am or wasn't okay so this should be same process again same process we're looking at the subject and the subject here are these cakes so these cakes of course are they okay they are a group and we're outside of that group so with a the form of to be is are should be part so we're looking for are in our answer of course the only option that we can choose here is B so these cakes are delicious okay so question number three these cakes are delicious question number four Jack and Jenny something at home right now okay our options are words isn't art or wasn't okay now this may be it is a little bit a little bit more thinking to do here all right so let's first of all look at our subject now you might possibly want to say okay Jack is the subject all right but you have to make sure that we take or think about this word here and so what we actually have here are two people Jack and Jenny's out so our subject is actually a group so Jack and Jenny we're not in this group so again to describe Jack and Jenny we would say they so we know it's not going to be isn't and we know it's not going to be wasn't because isn't and wasn't or what we would use for singular subjects okay he isn't she isn't or it isn't same with wasn't okay so it's going to be art or worked and so we need to make sure that we understand the whole sentence so Jack and Jenny something at home right now okay so this is important here right now so weren't of course we know this is for the past okay so weren't it's for the past and art is for we can use foot now we can use ants for now so word and now they don't go together they cannot so the answer must be art so the correct answer is C Jack and Jenny aren't at home right now okay question number five James and I something cousins okay so we've got em as an option isn't is our James and I something cousins okay now again similar to the last question the previous question we need to look at the subject okay so we we know we have and so James and I one possible trap that it might be easy to fall into is to look at this pie and say ah I am okay but they don't go together here because the subject is James and I alright so this is a group so again this would be a we okay because I am in the group so if we have we as a subject then the verb to be becomes R okay so we are so we're.

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