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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 5495 Assessment

Instructions and Help about When Form 5495 Assessment

P>Hi there, welcome to 1000 English grammar test practice questions from Next-Gen English. As you can see, these are questions 1 to 20, so hopefully we're going to start with the easier questions. But don't worry if you find some of them a bit difficult or you're not sure about them, because maybe there are one or two in there that you know might be a little bit more tricky to figure out. But, on the whole, most of them are well beginner kind of questions dealing with simple grammar topics. Okay, so let's move on to the first question then, which is "This is adding something as secretary". So our options are "is", "um", "our", or "B." This should be quite straightforward, a simple question to start off with. So naturally, we're looking for which verb goes in here. We should start with looking at the subject of the sentence, so the subject of the sentence is Mrs. Allen. And of course, Mrs. Allen is going to be a she. When we have she, we just have to look at what verb or what form of "to be" goes with she. Of course, it should be "she is." We can't say "she are" or "she will be." So "she is" is the answer here. So the first answer is A, "Mrs. Allen is a secretary". For it to be "am," we would need the subject to be "I." For it to be "are," it would need to be "you" or "we." And of course, we don't use "be" in this way. So let's move on to question number two, which is "My car something blue, it's black." Our options are "aren't," "I'm not," "not," and "isn't." We have quite a few different options here. We need to look at...