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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 5495 Topic

Instructions and Help about What Form 5495 Topic

Graded examinations in spoken English Jessie grade 5g rat this is an example of a Trinity graded examination in spoken English Jessie grade five the examiner welcomes G rat who is the candidate the examiner will ask you questions about yourself and other simple topics okay well my name is Ben what's your name my name is Dylan that's great fine excellent you will need to bring photo ID to the exam center the examiner will check your photo on their tablet do you have your topic form why yes before the exam you will prepare a talk about a topic to help you with this you will prepare a topic form with five discussion points the examiner will ask you for this at the start of the exam the examiner will ask you questions about what you've written on the form all right thank you well how are you a dress and fine thank you and you houghton very well thank you it's a it's a nice day today yeah it is it's not raining at least okay I think so yeah well today and we're going to be talking about films it's a great topic to talk about so many really good films oh yes yeah well let's look at these shall we and this is interesting English films vs. Thai films Oh what are some of the differences between English films and typhoons I think is a ball I do for living because of all I think I think in English with him I can learn learn English and I think I have been pulled by listening skill mmm it's better I be a I get returned in - I think I can understand you see easier than English free hmm and so do you prefer English films or time films before what okay until you learn English with title with English films what do you learn with toy films have you learnt anything a little bit mm-hmm how to how to Tom hmm okay excellent um and what about your favorite film it says your favorite film is Sherlock yes that is actual with Robert Downey jr. or the Benedict College Benedict Cumberbatch no no BBC I saw grace yes I really doesn't yeah why do you like oh because physically funding this is exciting when I see Sherlock info and it's this fantastic when he can solve a case yeah yeah it is really interesting it's a really good film have you been to the Sherlock Holmes Museum yes I have been for last last week it's really good is this is this cafe ha ha shake and I like it and did you get a picture with the hats and all yes I have I I have take photo taking photo with a hat and my fame take it it's less good okay now this weekend are you go to watch your film oh yes I think I will wash up the winter what did I miss about it's false pi'illo they say he'll pay about port equal form EU okay so you put films about superheroes and films like show up which are multi detective films which do you prefer a full of all I like a deity free man and sci-fi themed no but I I think I was below I think it's it's fun too yeah okay good yeah a really interesting lots of fun but very expensive in London to watch them yes yeah okay and what was your first film that you watched in English my first dream that I worked in English is Star Wars but there were lots of Star Wars films rest switch which stands above sour tree a what softy for us tomorrow the living opposite it's really fun and if I think is I I can improve English n and it's is ball is this I feel excited when I wash it okay good and the new star was filmed come home in December episode of Santa's already the faster we can have you wash it brilliant yeah good sort of the fantastic they fight yeah it is important to ask the examiner a question about your topic you can do this at any time do you have a question to ask me about that yes dule what watching field uh yes I do I don't watch films very often however I'm prefer listening to music okay thank you argue now let's move on to the next part of the conversation phase in the conversation phase the examiner will ask you about two subject areas from the conversation list the subjects for the conversation at Jesse grade five are festivals means of transport special occasions entertainment music recent personal experiences so let's talk a little bit about transport so um you live in London but how do you come scoop or a go to school by rocky and how long does it take about ten minute oh that's that's very close yes yeah and in Thailand do you walk to school or oh yes no no I go to school by bus mm-hmm I take about to school every day and do you prefer to get the bus or walk I prefer to walk because this is it's healthy mmm yeah it certainly in Sierra okay good and and when um when you came to the UK did you come on by playing yes yeah yeah and do you like traveling by plane sometimes I wish you prefer traveling by plane or by train or by car are you for traveling by subway because I subway yes I think it certified and comfortable yeah and the London subway on the ground sometimes can be a little crowded yes yeah what's it like compared to the subway undergrounds in Tyler oh I think it is just the same the cost in Thailand is how to me okay thank you let's try another topic now.

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