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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 5495 Topic

Instructions and Help about What Form 5495 Topic

Graded examinations in spoken English. Jessie, grade 5g, this is an example of a Trinity graded examination in spoken English. Jessie, grade five, the examiner welcomes G rat, who is the candidate. The examiner will ask you questions about yourself and other simple topics. Okay, well my name is Ben, what's your name? My name is Dylan. That's great, fine, excellent. You will need to bring photo ID to the exam center. The examiner will check your photo on their tablet. Do you have your topic form? Why yes, before the exam, you will prepare a talk about a topic. To help you with this, you will prepare a topic form with five discussion points. The examiner will ask you for this at the start of the exam. The examiner will ask you questions about what you've written on the form. All right, thank you. Well, how are you dressed? And fine, thank you. And you? How are you wearing? Very well, thank you. It's a nice day today, isn't it? Yeah, it's not raining at least. Okay, I think so. Yeah, well today we're going to be talking about films. It's a great topic to talk about. So many really good films. Oh yes, yeah. Well, let's look at these, shall we? And this is interesting: English films vs. Thai films. Oh, what are some of the differences between English films and Thai films? I think it's a ball I do for living, because of all I think I think in English with him I can learn English and I think I have been pulled by listening skill. Mmm, it's better. I'd be a I get returned in - I think I can understand you see easier than English. Free hmm. And so, do you prefer English films or...