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Instructions and Help about What Form 5495 Tailored

Hey it's me Destin welcome back to the second channel I have thought for years that when I'm ordering a computer or something like that if I just buy the most expensive computer then obviously it's going to be the fastest and it's gonna be the best for me right in one particular case right now editing 4k footage this is a 4k video it takes forever for me to render the footage and I lose sleep and I'm not with my family as much as I want to be it's a problem it's an operational deficiency I have in my life so in an effort to fix this I decided to go to a custom computer company in Seattle named Puget systems though the only people that have a website dedicated to application-specific hardware meaning if I'm going to edit an Adobe Premiere I'll click the Adobe Premiere button they show me the exact computer I need if I'm doing 3d CAD they show me the computer I need twitch streaming a gaming box using unity whatever it is they have a computer dedicated in terms of configuration for that specific process I found this fascinating they have Hardware specific solutions for software specific needs it's pretty cool so I asked them if I came up there and did a little tour behind the scenes maybe talk about Moore's law stuff like that if we could do a trade where I'll make a video for that in exchange for some hardware so they hooked me up and I really enjoyed it you know you don't have to buy things from Puget systems but I found the way they do business to be really interesting so I hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at Puget systems these guys are not marketers they are just computer builders and computer testers it's really interesting let's go check it out so flu the Seattle there's a guy named John about to pick me up he owns a company called Puget systems and they make specialty computers for certain applications we're gonna go meet with them what's up man how's it going first up in the back yes possible you did alright so so you own the company yeah okay so this is this is John he owns a company called Puget systems and you're basically the answer to everyone's computer problems right well not all the problems so what is the purpose of the company you make specialty computers for specific applications right yeah we have to understand how our computers are being used to understand that software just as much as a hardware so we can make right computers for the jungle oh yeah so editing is a nightmare for me yeah you you're gonna hook me up yeah yeah I mean so that's that's pretty common for us with people working on high-speed footage or for k6k it takes a lot and so we have to understand exactly what you're doing an iterative built the right hardware for it so what's your story like how did you start a company like this this sounds like a company that would start because you get frustrated at something yeah well you know I started it in college and frankly it started off as like let's try to cash flow college um but as I got into it I saw that there was so much need that could be filled so many people wanted to just sell you hardware and not actually solve the problem right and so where we found our path has been with yeah solving the problem what are we actually trying to do the computer is is a tool to get a job done right yeah that makes sense because back in the day it was what Dell and Gateway and Apple that was it when did you start the company I started in 2022 okay so yeah that was about that timeframe yeah that's how you bought computers mm-hm so now it's changed they still you know you open a magazine and there's one option right you know like right you can build a computer on a lot of websites but you do a totally different thing from what I can understand yeah because we don't really ask what hardware do you want we ask what do you what are you trying to do and then we can tell you what hardware you want oh my gosh when you run a test from a rocket you don't ask if you on a high-speed camera or a radar you ask what is the data you're trying to accomplish right what is your goal what is your goal right and so you start from there and then build the hardware based on what they say right right why why is that so revolutionary yeah that makes perfect sense okay cool where'd you go to school you said you went to University of Washington I went to the U dub I was studying physics there and I started this company at that point those he didn't finish I didn't pull the Bill Gates I did everything except the labs that's what I have left but I don't think I could just go back at this point had finished my labs oh man surely they really could let you he's like a computer lab what was the table it was physics labs and so we were we were studying and we were doing we were doing computer design actually it was one of my favorite labs we were bread boarding components together making computers from scratch we were doing you know tests of verifying the speed of light and things like that with lasers that are going through through mirrors so it was a lot of fun but the company took up a lot of my time at that point building that and so yeah what to do the computer all right.

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