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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 5495 Survey

Instructions and Help about What Form 5495 Survey

I'd like to show you a little bit today about how to use Google Forms to create a survey first of all enter into your Google Forms area and you can create a new survey you can start a new form so here we've got the plus sign where it says blank so let's click on that and we can start creating a survey right away notice how it has a title here untitled form and then some sort of form description so we can choose to put a title in here this could be our very first page and we could just click on this and type in welcome to my survey here where it says form description we can go ahead and type in our introduction which should include the aspects that we've discussed in class a little bit about the topic or the purpose of the survey as well as the length of time anticipated to complete the survey the fact that this is a confidential survey and all of their responses will be anonymous and private and certainly some sort of form of thank you to the respondents to express our gratitude for their cooperation so I'm just typing the word intro here but obviously you're going to put in your own introduction here if we click on untitled question we can see over here a drop down box where we can select the type of question that we're interested in using multiple choice is one type of question in this scenario you can only choose one answer but if you wanted to allow a multiple answer type of multiple choice question you can select check boxes and I would recommend against using drop down for any purposes it just adds a click to the respondents requirements so choose one of those and if you're interested you could do other types of scales a linear scale and that might be something if I click that where one means very dissatisfied and five could mean very satisfied so you're going to label each of the ends of this scale and then you're going to have some sort of question that you put in so how satisfied were you the cert with the service at Bank ABC so that's an example of a linear scale so let's just take that out and change back to a multiple-choice question I can also put in options and a question right here so if I click on untitled question I can say which of the following brands if any are do you use on a regular basis the best question necessarily something like this I might have said something which have you used within the past year or whichever you used within the past week but here I'm just going after general use we don't know how they enter how they interprets rather regular basis that's why I say it's not the best question ever but let's just say we have some sort of question in here and we want to add our options so we would put in R and a and then we can add an option brand B and so forth let's say we had a whole list and then we want to add other which we can do there all right now we can make it a required answer but I tend not to do that unless it's of either a very very important question or perhaps it's a question from which I need to decide where to branch them next maybe they go on to the next question if they said brand a but any of the other brands they may have to go to a different question so we'll put our logic in later but for now let's just say that it's not required we can always change that so we want to add the next question we can hover here over plus you can see add question so let's do that we can also change the page that the question is on so if you're keeping on adding questions just like this by adding the plus all of these questions will appear on the same page in the survey so the respondents will be able to see all of these questions on their screen so we could have blah blah and our question more options maybe I might choose to do this as a checkbox this time so you can see the circles change to squares this is a convention in online surveys a circle usually means you can only pick one and a square means you can pick as many as apply so we could have a an option B C D and let's say we have other and notice if I want to add another option for none it doesn't go after other it gets flipped into that section before other so I'm forced to saying none before other one of the little issues with Google Forms anyway so we have none and other again I can decide whether this is a required question or not by just toggling this back and forth just curious what that was now I know all right nothing like experimenting while you're going along so now I'm going to decide to pra new page for the respondents okay here we go this is now a new section so I've got section one and you see now it says a section 1 of 2 section 2 I can choose to title this or not and since I'm not I'm just gonna remove any of the text here and now I'm going to add a question so I might have some other question and I'm gonna have some other options no we could make this anything you want we've taken a look at linear scale let's take a look at a multiple choice grid what would that look like so this kind of grid might be.

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