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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 5495 Survey

Instructions and Help about What Form 5495 Survey

I'd like to show you a little bit today about how to use Forms to create a survey. First of all, enter into your Forms area and you can create a new survey. You can start a new form, so here we've got the plus sign where it says blank, so let's click on that and we can start creating a survey right away. Notice how it has a title here, untitled form, and then some sort of form description. So we can choose to put a title in here. This could be our very first page and we could just click on this and type in "Welcome to my survey". Here where it says form description, we can go ahead and type in our introduction, which should include the aspects that we've discussed in class, a little bit about the topic or the purpose of the survey, as well as the length of time anticipated to complete the survey, the fact that this is a confidential survey, and all of their responses will be anonymous and private. And certainly, some sort of form of thank you to the respondents to express our gratitude for their cooperation. So I'm just typing the word intro here, but obviously, you're going to put in your own introduction here. If we click on untitled question, we can see over here a drop-down where we can select the type of question that we're interested in using. Multiple choice is one type of question in this scenario. You can only choose one answer. But if you wanted to allow a multiple-answer type of multiple-choice question, you can select "check es". And I would recommend against using drop-down for any purposes. It just adds a click to the respondents' requirements. So choose one of those. And...