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This is democracy now democracynow.org the war and peace report I'm Amy Goodman and I'm now meanshe welcome to our listeners and viewers around the country and around the world fallout from president Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen's plea deal and former campaign manager Paul Manafort guilty verdict is continuing to grow in Washington on Capitol Hill a number of key Democratic senators are calling for a halt to the nomination process for Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey said quote no American citizen should be able to choose the person who will be judging them when they're subject to a criminal investigation should those matters come before that judge Booker's comment came a day after Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen directly implicated Trump in committing a federal crime Cohen admitted that he arranged to illegally pay out money to two women and adult film star stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal to keep them from speaking during the 2022 campaign about their alleged affairs with Trump Cohen said the payments were made quote in coordination with and at the direction of a candidate for federal office and that they were made for the principle purpose of influencing the election meanwhile talk about the possible impeachment of President Trump is also growing earlier today Trump was asked about impeachment during an interview on Fox & Friends seventy-six days away from the midterms hard to believe if the Democrats take back power do you believe they will try to impeach you well you know I guess it's just something like high crimes and all I don't I don't know how you can impeach somebody who's done a great job I'll tell you what if I ever got impeached I think the market would crash I think everybody would be very poor because without this thinking you would see you would see numbers that you wouldn't believe the need to impeach campaign has announced plans to spend over a million dollars in ads pushing for impeachment the campaign is funded by billionaire Democratic donor Tom Steyer but the Democratic leadership has resisted calls for impeachment the New York Times reports House Democratic leaders have privately urged members to avoid the topic of impeachment some senior Democrats fear talk of impeachment all hurt the party's chances in November meanwhile there have been other Democratic lawmakers who've been publicly pushing impeachment for over a year we go now to one of the first to Houston Texas where we're joined by Democratic Congress member Al Green who introduced articles of impeachment against Trump last year congressman Al Green welcome back to Democracy Now so talk about why you want President Trump impeach now and have your reasons changed over this year you were the first openly introduced articles of impeachment against the wishes of the Democratic establishment well thank you for allowing me to be on the program this is a very sad time in the history of our country this is not something that I enjoy talking about nor is it something that I would like to do but I think it's becoming increasingly clear that the president will have two options one he can resign from office or two he can face impeachment impeachment is something that the framers of the Constitution provided for a time such as this and the presidents such as Trump the president does not have to commit a crime to be impeached in fact the president is not likely to be indicted which means he's not likely to be found guilty of a crime while he's sitting which means that if this comes before the house it won't come before the house as a president who has been found guilty but rather as a president who is alleged to have committed certain offenses that are onerous to the Constitution and that harm Society and what this president is doing is harming society more specifically what mr. Cohen stated in court he had a lawyer he is a lawyer he says that he and the President of the United States conspired he didn't use that exact word but that's what it means when you say the president directed you and you followed through so they conspired to commit an offense the president may never be found guilty of it but he can be impeached for it is my opinion that the Judiciary Committee is not doing its job this whole impeachment investigation is being outsourced the framers of the Constitution intended for the judiciary committed to do this gather information make decisions move forward if the dairy committee doesn't move forward then I think it's incumbent upon the 435 members each of whom had the opportunity to bring articles of impeachment to consider doing so I will surely consider doing so representative Greene as you're aware many of your Democratic colleagues in Congress are saying that the crucial thing to do now is allow robert muller to go ahead with the investigation and i'd like to turn to one of those senators Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts being questioned about why many Democrats remain hesitant to talk about impeachment proceedings CNN anchor John Berman questioned her on Wednesday and what I'm hearing from you senator and what I've heard from you and your interviews over the last few months and you're not alone among Democrats here is a reluctance to talk about the I word directly why why would you be nervous to say hey I think the House Judiciary Committee should hold hearings and look at this as an impeachable offense I'm not nervous I just want to be effective and the way that any of us are effective is to say let's get all of the evidence let's get all of the pieces out there protect Robert Muller let him finish his investigation let him make full and fair report to all of the American people and when we've got.

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