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Instructions and Help about What Form 5495 Opinions

After all the controversy surrounding the lack of RT Exxon and the inflated pricing of the RT X 2080 today is the day that many of you have been waiting for the launch of the less expensive and more obtainable RT x 2070 but just because something is affordable doesn't mean you should buy it intrigued good that's the point of this entire paragraph it's called a hook and this part is called a sponsor glasswire allows you to instantly see your current and past network activity detect malware and block badly behaving apps on your PC or Android device use offer code Linus and get 25% off at the link below Music the biggest headline feature of the 2070 somewhat ironically is the one that it doesn't have so for the first time since Nvidia changed to their current naming scheme back in 2022 the 70 value enthusiast card doesn't do SLI all that remains of the 10 seventies SLI functionality is this sad little cutout in the shroud that no longer serves any purpose whatsoever not that we've really pushed SLI as a sensible solution for years so I guess in videos slow march towards killing what used to be one of their highlight enthusiast features only really bothers me on a nostalgic level let's change gears now then to something that bothers me a little bit more objectively pricing with the enthusiast r-tx cards this honestly didn't bother me as much because the 80 series has traditionally targeted the affluent gamer who cares less about price to performance and more about raw power but the reference RTX 2070 is priced at 500 US dollars with the overclocked founders Edition priced at 600 u.s. dollars that puts these new 2070 cards not directly up against the previous 1070 but rather the gtx 1080 from nvidia x' last generation lineup and AMD's vega 56 so we'll be comparing all of these cards today although sadly we'll only be using our Intel bench since time was not on our side like no joke we actually got our card 18 hours before this video was supposed to go live it's a good thing Anthony's a good sport about this kind of thing so with Deus Ex mankind divided we get a pretty big jump in performance over the GTX 1080 and that's pretty much the end of that chapter with the rest of our test suite getting just a few frames per second more regardless of whether we're looking at DirectX 11 or DirectX 12 3dmark immunsuperposition do at the twenty seventy stretch its legs a little bit more but overall we're in the same ballpark as our reference GTX 1080 and a factory overclocked 1080 would probably be on par when we hit it with our productivity workloads though like it's bigger cousins the r-tx 20 70 delivers consistently good performance compared to the GTX 1080 of yesteryear making it quite comparable in most cases to even the RX Vegas 64 even in OpenCL tasks like Lux mark that typically favored Vega and in heavy lifting tasks like most but not all of spec view perfs professional rendering workloads it should of course be noted that most enthusiasts and professionals won't want to go for a reference card like this one preferring instead to opt for something like this Strix but the thing is while normally these beefier custom cards quickly fall close to reference pricing this time it might take a while the $4.99 MSRP that NVIDIA has slapped on two reference cards allegedly has their partners selling these boards for basically no margin and why should you the consumer care about that well because as a result you can expect to pay closer to the founders edition 599 price point for custom board cards for their foreseeable future and with this being the lowest tier of GPU with tensor course and our TX support that means that 500 to 600 dollars will be the lowest point of entry for these technologies until Nvidia delivers a 3000 series refresh sometime in oh I don't know let's say 2022 at the rate that they're going so then our TX 2070 to buy or not to buy it's a really complicated question so let's start with the price on the surface it's not that much higher than the 1080 that it traded blows within our benchmarks but MSRP aside aggressive sale prices have 1080s as low as sixty five dollars cheaper already and that's right now while we're working on this video before the he's 70 has even launched so I would expect them to go lower still which means that what we need to determine then is if the features of the new gen justify the added expense some of them are pretty easy to evaluate like the improved invention coder that outputs similar quality real-time capture to x264 fast with a negligible performance hit that's going to be a huge hit for anyone who games dreams go for it other features well gets more complicated because surprise there is still no real r-tx games there's no real content to set this thing apart from the last gen or even to measure how much of a performance impact that we might expect from the real-time ray tracing feature that Nvidia is banking on so hard to sell these things that they put it right in the name further complicating the matter is the used market right now so with the recent cryptocurrency mining crash sites like eBay have been absolutely flooded with last generation high performance GPUs and right now 1080 T eyes which perform more like an RT X 2080 in conventional games can be had for the same price as an RT X 2070 and as we demonstrated in this video a used video card might not carry any warranty but it'll perform exactly the same after its heavy use as it did when it was.

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