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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 5495 Fl

Instructions and Help about What Form 5495 Fl

Music this isn't a bad car accident or a gunshot wound so this guy just arrived he's completely naked wrapped in this sheet there's a huge medical team taking care of this patient right now running through the streets it's always dangerous this man is just the latest victim of a new synthetic street drug called Flocka and it's terrified when people get high it can get scary some run through the streets naked others climb fences and get seriously injured one man seen here trying to break into a police station people think that they're being chased they're being shot at the devil is chasing them this right here is the Flocka alpha PvP it's so cheap the dose is going for as little as three dollars a hit this is probably the worst and the fastest drug that I've seen catch on and it's probably the most dangerous dive seeing dr. Nabil elsa nadi says his hospital is seeing more than a hundred Flocka cases a month the number of patients coming in high on flakka is increasing exponentially since last September there have been 24 Flocka related deaths in Broward County Florida a third of them in the last month alone I decided to spend 24 hours in Fort Lauderdale on the front lines of what local officials and community leaders are calling a Flocka crisis so running through the streets naked is it's normal yeah the erratic behavior is normal you don't know how they're gonna act that's why we have so much manpower going all these flocking halls it doesn't take long before the first call comes in the call were responding to stated that somebody it's not acting normal so we're gonna respond and investigate to find out if this might be yeah flakka call the woman who called the police tells me off-camera that a man staying with her is high on Flocka right now his behavior scary enough for her to call the cops she says this neighborhood has been taken over by Flocka so woman unless she was possessed she was possessed she was talking to herself Bobby Henry jr. was so concerned he decided to take out his phone and start filming what happened that day when you took that video of the girl they went from humor to this could be my kid once you see the kids on it the young kids then you know that we don't have any hold on our future and I see it spreading just like the zombies like a zombie movie the numbers support what Bobby is saying not just here but across the country crime labs are seeing Flocka and record high numbers just in the first half of 2022 there were more than two thousand cases and by the end of last year nearly three thousand cases with one of the highest concentrations in just three counties in South Florida you look at South Florida you've got a lot of important export companies here you're talking about a place that has distribution lines that are kind of already in place distribution networks that have been years in the making from the party drug Molly now paving the way for a new kind of street drug peddled by small-time dealers right now the main source is China it's predominantly purchased over the Internet it's coming through through the mail system Fort Lauderdale Police Detective Dana Swisher has had to become the department's in-house Flocka specialist the most common way of consuming it is is a little bit of the crystals and sprinkling along a cigarette or a joint or a black and milds or some that nature and smoking it that's how 27 year old Brandon Thomas was doing it he says he started the flack about a year ago what were you like a blocker I thought I was somewhere I was if I wasn't the gun a gangster Al Capone and I was a porn star so you begin to see that you're not who you think you are you just in your own world no coming back from it if you don't want to so I think I started trying to stop probably month eight failed every time he finally decided to get help and entered a drug treatment program back at the hospital that's exactly what doctors taking care of the latest block a victim say is all too rare unfortunately what we've been seeing over the past couple of months is the patients that come in as flack overdoses they're just repeat offenders they come back and over and over so you might see the same patient later tonight or tomorrow absolutely yeah chances are we will see him in the next three to five days before more people die the community is taking action recently staging a rally in downtown Fort Lauderdale this woman lost her 26 year-old nephew to Flocka just a few weeks ago it took his life and so what I want what I'm here to do is to be his voice and I just feel that do that last week 18 people died from Wacha 18 wrong weekend we have a problem we need to work together to address it now all of you here today are going to send that message I see it's in every one problem I see a one-time kill like the first time you take it it's the last time and that is what has everyone here worried should people be more concerned about this drug flakka than picking up Molly or ecstasy any of these drugs that are sold illegally on the street could be very very dangerous and it's looking like it's more dangerous and more prevalent than any other drug that we've seen in emergency medicine over the last 20 years as night falls the round-the-clock emergency response continues they're just hoping it's a quiet one for America I'm Dan Lieberman in.

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