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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 5495 Employment

Instructions and Help about What Form 5495 Employment

Music welcome to upgrade I'm your host Frank the tanker today we're gonna bring in the 5490 it's a little smaller unit but it's really really durable it's a really smooth and we're not just gonna test it out we're not I'm not gonna turn it on you guys know how the computers work all these computers all the latitudes are pretty much the same base right now other than the hardware that's built inside it keeps getting smaller and smaller and faster and sometimes it could damage your computers if they get too small because not enough fans so we're gonna open it up and what I like to do is I'd like to dissect these machines I like to open them up and have them and take a look inside more thoroughly and also compared to other machines so I had this one here that I'm gonna compare it to a MacBook Pro so let's bring a MacBook Pro party all right so here I have a MacBook Pro and we're gonna compare the size with this the 5490 alright so we prepare right here the size of it it's really small it's actually lighter than the MacBook Pro because the MacBook Pros aluminum of course base and I'm thickness wise thickness I think it's it's a little thicker than the MacBook Pro but it has a kit that's why so it has more horsepower sometimes than these MacBook Pros other than the video card that's the only thing that I will say that the Mac Pro pass over these machines you know it's a little too thick if you guys see it it's a little thick for comparing together to the MacBook Pro but what I like about these systems what I like about these systems there is really really really durable small they made for Ausmus use now this one here in particular comes with a touchscreen I like about the touchscreen because it's like so the feature that it's it's complement your way it's a good feature to have but they're very fragile so touchscreens are more fragile than regular screens because they have more circuits built in and worse the more sensors built-in so they're get to they get damaged easily easier than a regular screen so they're not made from the same material as a gorilla glass or anything like that they're a little bit more sensitive to other things so for example you spill water you dropped a little bit here and there you know you're gonna see a damage you might mess up your horse circuit board that you probably have to replace the actual screen itself so that's one thing I don't like about the touchscreens a lot so if you're gonna get a touchscreen make sure you take that consideration now a lot of times nobody warranties does touch screens they say if you break them or you crack them then you have to replace the whole thing itself it's not under warranty make sure you find you read the fine print on that because some of these vendors so for example the the surfaces they're not warranty the the actual screens are not warranty even though it takes the majority of the parts the machine is a freaking screen only it's not under warranty the built in parts like the circuits a motherboard and other stuff it is under warranty but just make sure you feel you read the fine print your warranty manual before you actually purchase something or you to consider of gaming touch screen now we're gonna bring in that camera closer here and we're gonna open it up I like to open these suckers up all the time just so see what's under the hood and see what kind of kick it has now this one is an i7 it's a core i7 it's a decent machine it's runny we're gonna open it up and see how much memory has and how much hard drive yet this is a latitude it's for business purposes only man you know it's not it's not a game machine all right so the only game you're gonna do is candy crushing Facebook games that's about it anything else we're gonna see under the hood what's in here so let's go ahead and open it up Music Music and you gotta find the invitation we take out the cover and this is pretty much what you get on the under we have two memory cards in here of course you know does the eight gigs each is 16 gigs right now there's a SD slot here on the corner this is for your actual card reader so if you enter photography you want to put in some files or some data you can put in stuff like that and you automatically read it to the salad dish and those card slots for different SD cards now they do have a SIM card reader here for your telephone for your built-in Wireless built in internet that you could purchase from AT&T or Verizon in here additional stuff on here the batteries takes the majority of the space of course but that always is the fact because they they last so it depends on on the usage and depends on the keyboard lighting to so it could last you from 6 to 7 hours it depends on the keyboard lady if you use the keyboard lighting it's gonna last you three hours alright so if you want to disable your keyboard lighting you can do down by oh so you can do it and sometimes they have on the feature on the desktop but normally they don't so sometimes you got to look for that part no additional theme the the hard drive is one of the things that it's always covered up it's an impact to the hard drives at MDOT too it's 512 and this saw n dot.

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