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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 5495 Copyright

Instructions and Help about What Form 5495 Copyright

So here we are on the copyright gov website and here what you want to do or what I do is I always go down while I click forms and I find the form that I use there's two of them there's an SR form for sound recording and there's a PA form now technically most people that compose will tell you to use the sound recording form but the truth of the matter is out of the two it really doesn't matter because once your work is copyrighted and someone steals it and you know you file a lawsuit and they go back and check the copyrights they're just going to go to check to see if your work is protected simple as that if it's filed under the wrong filing you know they'll work it out they'll fix it but they will not discredit your copyright simply because it's on the wrong form what I've always used and what works for me I've been doing music for a very long time I've been in court three times for copyright infringement I've won all three of my cases and what I use is the PA form there's a short form and there's a standard PA form I'm going to go over the short form with you because the short form kind of has directions and you can kind of read these on your own but I would I just want you to use this form so you're familiar with it you know what everything means but I'm still going to show you what I put in to these categories this portion of the copyright form here is used for the office you don't need to touch that title of work what I generally do is I name it a collection of songs so I'll put something like you know whatever name collection of songs so Gregg Savage collection of songs volume 32 or something like that and the reason why I do that is because I don't copyright one song at a time because each copyright filing is $65 when you do it on paper i copyright about 20 30 songs at a time each song having its own name but it's copyrighted as one volume I remember someone saying a message board or somewhere that it's not wise to copyright all your songs like that well again I've always done it that way I've never had an issue and it's cheaper to is cheaper to copyright a bundle of songs at once than it is for $65 per song I think that's I think that's too much name an address of the author and owner of the copyright this is pretty self-explanatory you just plug in your info here year of creation I always go back six to six months to a year from the date of the creation so for example if I made some music last month and I wanted to copyright it this month I will put the year of creation last year that's just something I do for a little extra protection it says if work has been public or published date and notation of publication you can publish your music online on your website or any of the sound clicks or sound clouds or whatever there's no way for the Copyright Office to track where your music has been published so I would just put today's date or whatever date that you want to put it it really doesn't matter type of authorship if it's music put it as music if it's text if it fits this criteria then put that if it fits this criteria listed here but there's other criteria that it fits that is not listed just go ahead and write the information down below there's nothing wrong with that lastly you want to put the signature your signature and then your name and address again plug in your name and address of where you want the copyright to be sent after it's been complete don't worry about the section over here unless you actually have some type of a checking account with the Copyright Office the way I pay for my copyrights is I send in well before I pay for it I make a copy for myself for my records and I send Washington a copy the Copyright Office I send them a copy I also send the payment in the form of a money order I don't do a check I don't do raw cash I don't do a credit card I give them a money order if you have any questions or you you know think I didn't cover something or if I went over this a little too fast just go ahead and rewind watch it again if you still have specific questions please leave a comment below or contact me via email and I can answer any question you have in detail.

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