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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 5495 Assets

Instructions and Help about What Form 5495 Assets

Hey Brett how are you pretty good Barry I see it got Lizzie she's looking pretty chill yeah she's good what's new this just came in it's the coolest thing ever it's reinforced and will hold up tricks better than any back out there Wow it's just wicked I know I try to get uncle to give me an advance on my next paycheck but he won't do it I've already spent my last paycheck on my bed yeah my parents have been to me the next few long today already and I spend out on my last game but - hmm I'll figure something out I just got to have it so you see this deck is so awesome I could do all the fancy stuff that Barry stop distracting sense this will be on the next test so please pay attention now when finding the area of a square multiply than any time seriously this thing is so cool you got to see it maybe later Barry I've really got to pay attention I've been having a hard time with geometry lady Susie Susie so this debt is reinforced so it won't break as easily Barry you'd know the answer if you were paying attention ah multiply Oh times with next times what length times width which is the same for a square now for a rectangle it is tool length times width but those numbers won't be the same of course but I don't have any money now and won't for a while so I've got to sit out oh wait I I wish I was as rich as Mac fortune I can see you'd rather talk about finance today Barry how do you think Mac fortune got rich he was born that way nope any other ideas he worked really hard and he invested I remember him talking about investments that's right he worked very hard and he invested his money wisely he was proactive and made sure that he was creating assets and avoiding liabilities do you know what those are well daddy says a liability is something that puts you at a disadvantage you're right Suzy a liability is something that you have responsibility for and it usually costs you money so lending money to someone who doesn't pay you back is a liability what about an asset something that makes you money like running it to somebody with an interest so you get back the original amount and then some more exactly penny so mr. fortune is rich because he has developed a millionaire mindset he invests wisely develops assets and minimizes liabilities well it certainly is an asset to be rich hahaha oh very so if you guys lend me the money I can get the skateboard that it will be so awesome well I don't have any money I spent it all last weekend how much do you need 150 ringgit that's a lot Barry it's the way I see it you just need to have a millionaire mindset it's an investment hi everyone what's an investment something that makes you money yeah I know that I mean what are you pitching as an investment is it you're gonna sweaters again no sense a penny can lend me the money to buy a new skateboard that and that will be an investment for them well we could charge you a 5% interest rate and then that could make the loan an asset for us but if Barry doesn't pay us back for a long time then that's a liability for us since when can you face back Barry oh well eventually ha ha ha okay that's all sorted up you ready for soccer practice now well I haven't convinced anybody to lend me the money yet so I think I'll just use the skateboard I have now yes same here but I was talking to uncle and he did find something you're going to love oh don't show me anything else I can't afford Fred it's for Lizzie actually ha ha ha well at least one of us gets a new skateboard this episode helps you kids recognize the importance of investing and making the money grow for you there are many things you can do with your money and the decisions you make with your money will ultimately make you wealthy or broke students discover the difference between asset and liability they realize that the more assets they have the wealthier they will become and the more liabilities they have the poorer they will become it's not easy to become a millionaire it requires a lot of hard work and time to reach there but it is worth it now is the time to discover which form of investment is good for you decide how you want to invest your money fine assets that will help you grow your money and you will become a millionaire plan and invest intelligently you.

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