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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 5495 Appointed

Instructions and Help about What Form 5495 Appointed

Hey guys my name is J and in this video I'm gonna show you how to create three types of forms contact form appointment form and conditional form that's it very useful so let's go okay now I want to show you which plugins I use for my forms in wordpress contact form seven i think is the best plugin for simple forms in wordpress and when I say simple is like let's say you want to form to send like the name email maybe a message some options and stuff like that if you want to create an employment form you just need to add the date picker for contact form seven it's like some kind of extension for a contact form 7 and you will have the option to choose the date and the time if you want conditional forms I use caldera forms it's a very easy drag-and-drop of um you know like uh it's like like page builders in WordPress but this one is for forms very user friendly very easy to understand but if you don't need how there are forms you know if you don't need it don't use it because it's a little bit more heavy so if you are creating simple forms uh you can use contact form seven is very light and when I say light is is um you know your website will run faster because caldera forms is you know it have a lot of options sort of programming on the back running so it's gonna be a little bit heavy I just want to show that in there for you so you can you know because I know you want to you're gonna say like why you don't use caldera forms for all your forms then because you can yeah true but it's a little bit more heavy so if I don't need conditional forms I don't use it right I just stay with my contact form seven is very easy and it's simple basic and very like okay now let's go and add a very very basic form right here in my home page by the way this is this website is done using the Divi theme you can click there to watch the video for me is the best theme for WordPress so go there and watch it let's go and add a form right here using contact form 7 so I have it I have the form a contact form right here already installed and I have caldera forms too so I'm going to click there okay it comes when you install a contact form 7 it comes with it with this form right here so I'm going to click Edit and here you can see they already have like your name with a shortcode now your email subject message and submit the submit button right let's see how this looks I'm just going to copy and paste this shortcode right here right here it's a copy this shortcode and paste it to your post page or widget awesome copy I'm going to go to my home page added home page alright I'm gonna go up here and I'm gonna paste it right there right let's update ok let's see how it looks and there you go we have the form right here already done for us it works everything is working right now but I know it looks like weird right like no style now it's a little bit ugly right so the thing is that each theme has their own style their own CSS if you don't know about CSS um you can go and learn it but there's a lot of themes that when you add forms they already have the style so this is not going to happen but if this happen you need to know a little bit you know about CSS so you can style this but now this theme have some CSS so I can go there at some code and it's going to look a little bit no better so I have the code right here in my notes right here I have this simple div class with a class right there um and I'm just I'm just going to go to my contact I'm going to put it right here maybe it you don't have to do this okay maybe you don't maybe you have to of course it's not gonna be this code it's not gonna be this class but it's gonna be something similar right so I'm gonna save it you're gonna save it right here alright let's see how it looks now awesome that's a lot better right now I want to add another field and convert this form to an appointment form so I need to add a date field date and time field so that's super easy to do remember you have to install the contact form seven date picker so you will have this option right here that's that day time date or time alright so let's say I want a I have your name I want to add a field of your last name right here so I'm gonna click on this button right here text alright I'm just gonna change this name to last name is required um we can leave everything like that actually can use a placeholder let's use placeholder so you can see how it works all right use this text as placeholder okay we have the code right here play insert tag awesome we have the code now I need a label I can just copy this one paste it right here your last name awesome all right now I want to add a date and time field um let's see where we can add it maybe right here um yeah right there so let's click on date and the date time button and you will have all these options right here right.

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