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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 5495 Website

Instructions and Help about How Form 5495 Website

Hi this is Tyler and in this video I'm going to show you how to make three hundred four billion different websites step by step with no steps skip everyone even huge companies like Wix Squarespace and Weebly have the website creation process wrong but I finally figured out how to do it right I finally figured out how to get people to actually complete their website see the old way of creating a website was to either start off with a blank page which is terrifying you just have this blank screen in front of you and you don't know what to do or what to say and that is awful and almost no one finishes it I visit hundreds of people's websites it's like 2% it's crazy the second way is to import an entire page or an entire website but then you have all these pieces of content that don't go with your website and it's all mishmash and you have to delete things and once you delete things then it just doesn't get finished because it's not right so that's a terrible way of also doing your website and that's what all these big businesses are doing plus if you do import a website that already has all the content in it and you do change it and it even does look nice well you have the same website as another hundred thousand people so it's not very customized so how do you get that customized flexibility and speed well it's not starting off with a blank page and it's not importing an entire website I have figured out what to do and I think it's perfect it starts off with only using the best we're using the best platform in the world which is WordPress to create our website we're using the best page builder to build our pages which is Elementor and we're using the best free theme which is ocean WP then the magical part we went to the best websites in the world we went to Airbnb Nike Disney Apple uber and we saw all the best sections not the entire website just the best sections and we took those sections and we copied them and we redesigned them and we made them perfect so that you can import them into your website so you're gonna have the best sections of the best companies in the entire world you can import it in just one second just click import and you have the best design in the entire world right there in a second on website so far we have designed 200 different sections beautiful sections and all you have to do is click and import them and they're there in a second if you put five sections on each page that will give you 300 4 billion 278 million 4800 different websites so you never have to worry about your website looking like everyone else's but you also never have to look at a blank screen and be terrified you have the best designs at your fingertips in an instant and this is all step by step so if you just do the same things I do if you click where I click and do what I do then you'll have your own website at the end of this video a nine-year-old emailed me the other day showing me his website it was amazing and of course everything works on mobile phone tablet PC Mac whatever you want even though this video is for absolute beginners and you don't need to know a thing it can also be used by professional web designers you guys are probably using WordPress anyways and imagine having something to show a client in a day instead of a month and that's exactly what's happening a few weeks ago I got an email from n Manuel and he emailed me and told me that he lives in Florida and he was working as a sprint store manager and he saw one of my videos and it inspired him to become a web developer he was just thanking me for my videos and I was just so blown away that someone could watch something on YouTube and start their own business and it just it inspires me so much and so what we did is we collaborated on this video he's designed a whole bunch of the sections so if you need any help he's there to help you of course you could do it on your own it's easy step-by-step no coding anything like that but he's just there to help you if you need it his website is I create your site calm he's amazing so to build your website you can use a Mac or a PC or anything else all the software and everything is all online and again we're going to be using WordPress which is the most popular way to make a website in the entire world it's used by people like Forbes CNN Katy Perry jay-z Beyonce Sweden's official website Microsoft you see Boult Disney stoop dog Mercedes Ben UPS best buy the Rolling Stones etc alright so let's get started with a plan of what we're gonna do so our plan is right here it's easy it's in four steps we're gonna get our domain name get hosting install WordPress and create our website a domain name is the same thing as your website name so my domain name is Tyler com Facebook's domain name is facebook.com go goals don't my name is google.com without a domain name there's no place for people to go to see your website so you definitely need a domain name it's definitely required in order to have a website a domain name cost about thirteen dollars per year the next thing that we need to get is hosting hosting is a computer that's on 24 hours a day that holds all of.

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