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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 5495 Topic

Instructions and Help about How Form 5495 Topic

Hello I'll come in hello my name is Alex what's your name please serega hi sweetie I'm very well thank you now Serena we're going to start with your topic can I have your topic form please I chose in my parent doesn't your parents wonderful oh please sit down so what to start with and tell me well why do you like your parents I like them very much because you have to take care of me a lot they never shouted me and they're very kind they like me a lot okay they never shout at you have they ever shouted at you no no I shout never wow you're very lucky okay and when you spend time with your parents what do you do together mmm I had my parents and um I had my parents a lot I liked everything a lot and I have them in other many times Wow so what what do you do to help them mmm Oh gutting was dibbles washing dishes impressing legs from a father Wow so your parents are very lucky and so that next week what help will you when you give them next week um God please DIBELS next week god bless I'll cut vegetables and wash dishes okay every day why do you wash the dishes because if i'ma freak okay and they ask you to date yep knows you you do it yourself very good so tell me what I'll do to fulfill their dreams tell me about that day wish I will work hard and first of all I must concentrate on my studies and every day I study for three years every three hours every day so you do lots of study Wow okay and what are their dreams for you what what do they want you to do they want me to become ayahs or IPs why would they like you to be a is or IPs because I can help people mm-hmm do you like helping people yes I do I prefer helping people mmm do you prefer helping people to working as an accountant for example Alok boat all right and so tell me a memorable trip with your parents hmm we have gone to Ooty last month routine Wow what happened in it's a very beautiful place and I saw I parked it I liked it a lot it's very beautiful um I saw a frog I liked it but not very much how many times have you been to the tea mmm I'll being to differ only one type okay do you think you will go again in the future yes I think I will go to again when okay and you could hear how I celebrated their anniversary and what would happen what did you do on their anniversary mmm we have gone to make dish Grand Hotel and it's very beautiful Wow how many years have they been married and for nearly demyans ten years Wow and what did you do um I made a cake for them you made a cake Wow tell me about the cake you made mmm the like did a lot it's very delicious did you eat lots of cake yeah how much cake did you eat just one piece just one how big was the cake this wow that's a serious cake and what happened after you ate the cake mmm my parents offered me delicious food and they offer me cool drink also I like the coloring a lot do you like your parents I love my parents very much why oh because they're very good to me but I have never made a big cake for my parents but one day as um when you're with your family together how do you spend time what do you do together mmm we just play games like chess noodle next intro to house do you spend with my family they like watching television but we also play games card games but do you prefer spending time with your family or with your friends mmm I prefer spending time with my family do believe it my friends okay well thank you very much and for talking to me about your family and now we're going to talk about something different and I would like to ask you first of all about transport now what's your favorite means of transport mmm train okay I like train because if I go in train I can eat samosa and you like suppose it very much yeah how often do you travel by train a little awesome okay and how many times have you traveled by a train mmm I draw by Denver six times six times what's the longest journey you have ever taken on a train mmm going to the somebod okay and how long did it take for Eddie for four days for a landing oh four one one whole day and what did you do on the train when it when it was traveling hmm I played with some children drain and eczema its versus how many samosas did you eat um seven seven seven Somozas that's a lot and which do you prefer travelling by train or by car I prefer drawing my train why because it's fun mm-hmm what's the longest journey you've ever taken in a car hmm you have never traveled for three or four hours in a car no do you think it's dangerous traveling by car have you ever seen an accident as I've seen bad yeah I think it's it happened by mistake mm-hmm okay and was anybody hurt yeah okay do you prefer when your mother drives or when your father drives hmm I before when my father drives why because when mother is afraid and she goes like this like okay well thank you very much for talking to me about transport and let's talk about something different and I.

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