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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 5495 Survey

Instructions and Help about How Form 5495 Survey

Hello in this tutorial I'm going to show you how to create surveys using Google Forms let me show you an example here so this is a form I created to collect feedback and information from my existing students I've used forms for many years and they're awesome Google Forms are free easy to use and very customizable to give you an example of what you can get from running service with Google Forms here I have a form with 120 responses if I click on the responses you can see like very nice graphs telling you what people have responded so in this case when I'm asking what is the main reason you're stuck create an online course I can see that the main reason is not having a clear action plan what do you need to get stuck create an online course the main reason is a clear step-by-step action plan right and then anything else gets added into this list then I collect the email addresses and also I can see the actual results on a sheet and I can perform further data analysis after I collect my responses so this is very useful if you have a list if you want to collect information so let's show you exactly how you do this because not only I'm going to show you how to create a Google Form which is pretty straightforward I'm going to show you how to create automatic email responses one for you as the administrator so you can know every time somebody fills up the form and also a confirmation email to the user that fills in the form as well so how do you do that very simple you have to go to groom calm /g forms to download this checklist and we're going to go through this checklist step by step to make sure you know exactly how to create a survey with Google Forms so the first thing you're going to do is create a new Google form at Google forms at google.com forward slash forms so if I copy this and paste it on my browser you'll see here that I can create a new form I click on the blank option next I'm going to give my form a title in my case this is an actual project and I'm not doing a survey per se but I'm asking people to submit their their course so meet your course link alright enter a description with instructions how to use the form so in my case is congrats you've completed your course submit the link and a coupon to your course you've seen the form below alright and now we're going to add we're going to create an Associated spreadsheet very important by default this form these responses are only stored here but there is not accurate and as you see this parenthesis and we're gonna create the associated spreadsheet we're going to create either a select a 16-1 existing one or create a new spreadsheet so i'm gonna give it a name which is going to be submit your course create so now the spreadsheet is created the responses are going to be stored here as well I'm going to click here if you click on that area it actually saves it on with the same name the form great what's next so we associated let's add our questions in my case there's going to be three questions so the first one is going to be enter your email so I know who submitted this this this form the next question is going to be made the link to your course it's going to be a short answer and the next question is going to be enter who who coupon to view your course and finally I usually almost like to create feedback comments so you have any comments that's a long answer already and now what we're going to do next is said in any input validation rules so we're going to decide what's what's required so email is required this is the required this is required as well comments are optional now we're going to do going to do response and validation so we want to make sure this is a valid email so we go to response validation text contains email address and we can even have a custom error text in this case this has to be a URL perfect it's detected already that we want this to be a URL and in this case it's going to be a text so it doesn't need any actual input validation which is when I make sure is required so there you go we have our form we're going to edit the confirmation message this is optional but it's nice to have a confirmation message so you go to the cogwheel here and under settings and presentation confirmation images thanks for your submission obviously I'm gonna do this better later but for now just to give you an idea how it works save it we're gonna customize obviously this is just very plain I'm gonna make it look nicer so let me just click on the color palette you can select different colors but I like like a custom background there's a bunch of different teams you can choose from even you can upload photos if you want to angers just going to submit here what I don't know these pencils are very colorful and now we have a nice little form that we can preview by clicking on the I button and this is what people would see right now we can send people to this link to for them to start submitting their answers and in theory you could be done already right but if people start submitting the answers you're not gonna know they submit them unless you get a notification and you can get some notifications or some add-ons there but.

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