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Instructions and Help about How Form 5495 Select

Rocks on your hundred one years old we don't need to brag out on beat the boat because I'm like fresh butter on my breakfast toast waking up vapor good book welcome BAM it's kid lips in the to boy rubies we are in downtown LA once again coming at you live from the Arts District and today we're going to talk to you about pull over hoodies yes we have strung together a nice little review we're going to be talking about all different types of these today and breaking down all the details that you guys know list up which is foldable again and we will begin with the Bella canvas pullover hoodie this is our sponge please it's a really nice kind of thinner product I'd say it's just about top of the line for something that's made overseas it's actually American components assembled in Nicaragua it's a 90/10 cotton poly it has a single layer hood but that actually creates a super soft they call sponge fleece on the inside of the hood which is really nice so I don't mind a single layer good but it's thin it's not the thickest heaviest thing but it's a good layer some interesting stitching along the top shoulder which is a little bit more of like a double hem folded over which is pretty interesting it's a it's good spring fall or at a layer it's a great option the cuff is pretty pretty narrow this is a medium Mike five-nine five-ten 155 narrow kind of true so drawstrings are kind of classic shoe they style round with like the tip free standard standard tip really yeah about it took it an average size dumping wipe it super super soft very soft material oh yeah right alright what do you got I got American car along the classic AAA we recently posted a video saying American Apparel is going bankrupt it's true Gildan is most likely buying them this is a classic style their Raglan California fleece hoodie you can see the Raglan sleeve which is this kind of baseball baseball style sleeve probably not going anywhere it's been in stock it's a classic wholesale item for them excuse me it's 100% cotton you got tagging here so it's gonna shrink a little bit it's not your typical blended fleece it's definitely kind of a little bit more form-fitting traditional American Apparel style I'd say this is the medium again but I filled it oh it's definitely tighter than the adult I'll probably say large for me I mean peponi these cool butene yeah on your outerwear I'm like Amy just a little bit more space for me good American of house is known for having slimmer fits so this is definitely an example of that also it's not pre strong so it might shrink a little bit be aware of that we've got the same only new voices rival plastic tickety's of butyl drawstring to single layer hoods this is one layer of fabric on the hood it's pretty thin I'd say in terms of weight it's not a super heavyweight hoodie again so it's another one that I wear spring fall or as a layer not necessarily like your jacket kind of situation the exception of the cuffs are the cups are a little bit tighter than the like a little bit more substantial I guess is the right word then to double ones so just know I'm going to take this thing off before kits 30th on today bad next there it is so here we have Ruby's in a large tone text keep in mind the other news room medium there's a large as you can see it fits a little bit more like a large yeah but it's still in general multmakes a little bit of a baggy ER fit I mean just look at how it's cut right it's got just kind of like typical bag and then you know hanging 12 X I'd say is probably the tier below Bella canvas it's not exactly our premium option but it's a step up from the basic American proud which we just reviewed that one is definitely without premium and that'll be the most expensive and made in the USA context I believe made in Mexico so well-made product it's definitely got a good amount of weight to it I'd say this is close to being that kind of outdoor spoke style again maybe not perfect for winter but like definitely like a cool fall you drop this thing also is the double thickness hoody you liner need is a heavier hoodie wine or so to keep your head warmer yeah I'd say everything about this hoodie is a little bit thicker like you have the double thickness on the midline you have this double stitching around the hood just come interesting your thicker drop strings these drawings are they're like they are amazing I like a big fat wicked genius later shelter laces have a recognize then you have this kind of pick stitching along the kangaroo pocket which is interesting that just kind of gives it a little bit more I don't know makes it a little more accentuated also the shoulders fall pretty low so it's you know your basic sleeve but you know the shoulders call the way that music songs like a drop shoulder which is kind of cool and then it has a basic kind of seen at the top along an edge nothing too crazy here but yeah it sounds like is a great option and especially if you're looking for a product that might not be as recognizable or you know people who know blanks full text is a garment that's made by one of the distributors and it's a little bit more low-key most women you know looking definitely rip tags on this too which is easy to do you know the.

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