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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 5495 Reserved

Instructions and Help about How Form 5495 Reserved

I'm always asked why do you interpret crop circle messages in negative ways well I'm very sorry but I have to share with you the messages as I've decoded them as you may have noticed many of the 2022 cropped messages have already happened do you remember this June 5th crop circle edition I thought it resembled a US Marshall badge and warned about terror attacks in the US five days later we suffered a series of attacks and the trouble seemed to be never ending to date we then predicted brexit two days before it happened followed by a series of interpretations in July that happened soon after the videos were out in August we decoded this one as a calendar with a day to watch out for on August 25th 2022 which was the day when two deadly quakes caused total destruction in the Italian town of Selita and took away lives in Burma and when I saw this August 29 crop circle from Sutton Hall United Kingdom I saw it as a warning for airplanes as it looked like the inflated escape slides with an ambulance nearby and since yesterday three aircrafts have encountered such problems in two days however none of these crop circles ignited as much interest as this huge 100 meter wide and Ste August 12th crop circle it is not only the most beautiful formation we have seen in years it is also most controversial as many people call it a hoax the moment it appeared while the farm owner affirmed that she did not allow anyone to create this circle on her land and it appeared overnight as you can see from the video with it being so close to homes and roads a test like this would be hard to complete without being noticed whether this is man-made or not no one has cracked the code at least until my release of this video compare this crop circle with the logo of the mothership glass company they do look very much alike personally I think this crop circle has a very important message whether it is man-made or not I believe the logo was picked because mothership is an important part of the message even though that is not the meaning of the twenty characters to get the real message we must decode the twenty characters I will share with you not only my decoding but how I decoded and the shocking message I found in this crop circle to Dakota you must find 20 letters with four identical symbols spaced 3 5 3 5 apart just like the H in the mothership logo spell out as mothership but you must also find two sets of four identical letters in these two positions there is also another identical character two spaces away from the four identical sets after plotting these identical letters you must then find the remaining letters without repeating any of the letters already decoded each letter has to be unique as there were no more repeating letters this is not an easy task since there are only 26 letters in the English alphabet but the most challenging part is to have a meaningful message with this seemingly impossible word puzzle like I said before I feel connected to these crop circles so decoding only took about an hour let me show you how I did it let's start by writing e2 these four identical letters don't ask me why but you will soon see that's maybe the best way to start decoding this mystery now let's put a next to e again you can try any other combination but this is my inspiration and I have faith in it now I'm going to put an R next to a obviously this makes n my next best guess assuming I'm right so far then I put H L & P I got a positive message of help near isn't this the most positive message I have ever decoded the rest is not as easy with fewer letters left your choice of letters limits your choice of words even more however assuming I'm on the right direction if I'm able to find the right words from the limited selection my chance of decoding correctly has also increased so my obvious choice next to the 2n ei is s and T with few possible letters left you seem to be the logical choice while W can be the two identical characters I then put D and Y and the puzzle is now solved it reads as d w ye u P n east w help near I assume it means we have some serious troubles ahead but we need to stand up when we are down and eventually help will come of course there may be other word arrangements that may work but I am pretty sure on the help near part just not very certain on when our where the help will come the meaning for N East W could mean northeast with help near it could mean the help will come from the Northeast or could it mean northeast will be down before it is up and getting help Academy in the Western world will be down and the East will come to help us are this predict the coming US presidential election you see down II up and with help near from the east I think we may be in for a pretty big surprise soon however there may be a different explanation on the NEA s TW combination these six letters include the four directions north east south and west but with the extra a and T could it mean north and east against the south and west so what do you think if you have a better decoding please do not forget to share this is Ken Peters at mr. e decoders comm thanks for watching.

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