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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 5495 Refunds

Instructions and Help about How Form 5495 Refunds

Hello hello hello face you gonna set this up get my hand out of the screen all right okay okay okay so dive into this if you I was I had lunch with my friend girl and I would take her in this video after I'm finish you know what don't want right angle I'm trying but we had lunch this week and Salo network connection so let me when today's reboot thank the Internet as well I don't want to be talking it's not live stream went to this green town Kiki okay so I say this recording I hope something so alright now it's back my internet connection temporarily went out but I'm having I was having lunch with my Freaker earlier this week I would tag her this video from once I stopped driving on his bedroll guess my destination and she was explaining to me some of the new tax changes and I won't try to go and dig right because it's not my area of expertise but where as people are losing under Trump's new tax laws a lot of deductions itemized deductions that they would normally claim I'm for example if you work from home for your employee let me prop my phone turn it found if you work from home for your employees for example for your employee and a lot of those tax deductions you were able to claim right on your tax return but you can and even with mortgage rates find my sunglasses so even with some mortgage interest rates that were able to climb texted those deductible if you don't meet a certain limit even your tithing and offering things like that if it doesn't meet and I forgot that number a certain number limit which a lot of people don't I'm not sure if it was eighteen thousand but if I take her in the video if it's not corrected I thought maybe Tim can come in but if it doesn't equal up to I'm thinking 18,000 your ties are offered your interest rates then you're not able to climb those deductions on the federal side however you're still climbing on the other state side so that's why I recommend for Mississippi get with Timlin and get your taxes done and his professional staff of experts on their team now I'm saying this because if you're experiencing or 2 or $3,000 less tax return they long as a result this year which many people are there are ways for you to get that money back their way if you're losing the dishes that you would normally have from your employee on your job your internet connection your utilities there are ways for you to get that money back by simply I'm tapping into the home-based business model and it's intelligent it will tell you can't tell you more about those opportunities so next year you can recoup every gaining that money back that was cut out from Trump context laughs this year so again if you in the Mississippi area because tell has all the information for you help you get that tax money back for next year then you need to go Cygnus to tell stately when his professional tax breaking it's nothing you can do about it for this year they went to a fake 2022 and so now if you want to regain their money those deduction bans go see him all right the second thing I want to talk about is the new ultra FICO score right it's the new ultra FICO score now we I want to talk about carefully define what is capitalism capitalism is when businesses and things especially in United States are built around you psychologically to have you to spend your money right and I'm not gonna go through all the months of the year but like this is February right and we have Valentine's Day so now you see out the Bears the balloons the rose is you know people feel obligated to honor the Valentine's Day last January you have to use the use the caps which won in nineteen lasses the parties by the liquor the alcohol are if they go to church and they celebrate New Year's Eve by the food and festivities or whatever you know the new outfits that you may want to purchase on New Year's Eve to wear to church on whatever it is you know teenagers going out partying whatever and so every month there is a system in place it's time to take your money so I want to start with October and how this they face the new 20 1905 go school I told her begins for Halloween right then we get into November and December so a lot of people saying or I heard a lot of credit experts say they hey it's easier to get you a critic fixed or the holidays because the bureau's are just overwhelming bombarded with customers and that's that's not true right that's not the case all the time because you it's easier to get your credit fixed on holidays because they want to offer you Lord interest rate loans and they would dispute it to get your credit score higher no to get your proof so you can spend your money that's just my philosophy this is my constant book and I want you to speak your money during that time right and so in January you will be depleted of your money you're broke again and then you finally income tax return it I want you to put your money back into the economy March April and May right and so that's why it's easier to get your credit fix during the holiday season because they want to improve your credit but now the ultra fine goes model they just release experience it's the first out of all of the three critical roles and and just kind of.

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