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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 5495 Reform

Instructions and Help about How Form 5495 Reform

Hey guys and welcome to another episode of thrift flippin I don't know why dat those hand movements okay uh-huh Music as you guys know I love Reformation just as much as the next social media ho probably more probably like a little bit too much I'll just let you soak in the beauty that is these pieces of clothing for a second and then remind you that they cost like a hundred and seventy eight dollars so today I'm gonna be trying to make some Reformation inspired designs from things I found from the thrift store oh and before we jump into it today we have a special guest as well let me go grab her for you this baby the sewing machine I finally got one thanks to a lovely lovely subscriber I've had this for around like two months and I have not learned to use it yet but today is the day okay so the first piece that we're transforming is this lovely linen dress oh that's backwards I got this at council thrift stores which is a chain of thrift stores in LA for $8 what drew me to this dress is that it already has kind of all the makings of a reformation dress it has these tortoiseshell buttons that are super trendy that I have on this dress as well I also love the big ass pockets on this thing you could probably fit not an iPad but maybe like two Chipotle burritos in this pocket however in its current state it's a bit sack tastic that's a disgusting word I mean it looks like a potato sack is what I'm saying so instead I thought I would turn this into a two piece set honestly this is one of the more complicated threats clips that I've done and it's been about a year since I've used the sewing machine so I'm honestly not sure if this will work I promise you I'm not being dramatic I'm just unskilled so let's get to the voiceover and I'll walk you through whatever the hell I end up doing with this so to make this two-piece I started off by cutting the dress into two pieces as one might expect and because I'm a real adult now who actually hems her edges it was time to call in our good friend the stomach machine well let's see how this works Music this does not seem right okay this is not how my grandma's sewing machine works you know you have an old person hobby when the instructions are written this date on the page this is like 34 point font for all those grandmas out there good thing my eyes are so young and healthy still he's alright I think she's all ready suppose let's just get her to fire it up and sewing I will say that sewing machine took a little bit of getting used to but I'll show you guys what the table looks like right now the hen is not straight it is bicurious at best really my craftsmanship is doing the lease now for the skirt section which is more of a flaccid - right now I wanted to bring in the waist but I couldn't just sew directly down the sides of the skirt because that would cut off those pockets which I wanted to keep so instead I cut out a panel from the back so the total waste of my dress would be around 27 inches and so to Center seam right down the butt side of the dress so I just finished sewing the skirt and I may or may not have up a little bit let me just show you it's pretty bad basically my problem is that I forgot that my body isn't 27 inches the entire way down and I actually have hips sorry it's kind of new to me I just went through puberty about five years ago so yeah you go forgot to put in some room for the booty so luckily I still have some of the fabric left over that I cut off from the skirt so out of that I'm gonna cut a new triangle insert that'll hopefully fill in that nice big old crotch if you have also this could be a really useful way if you have a skirt that's too small for you that you can expand it a little bit I don't know why you'd have the exact same fabric as the fabric your skirt is made out of lying around your house but that is for you to figure out I'm really just trying to rationalize my failure okay let's fix this skirt so to fix this I'm using my handy dandy seam ripper which I finally bothered to buy for like four dollars from Joanne's your girl's really moving up in the world after frankensteining my skirt back together with that new sexy butt triangle and trimming off the excess fabric on this hot mess of a raw I finished it all off with a simple hem along the top of the skirt with the skirt done and finally covering my entire crotch we're definitely heading in the right direction but the top was still a little loose for my taste it kind of flared out weirdly in the back so I brought it back to the sewing machine for what is essentially an incredibly thick we're talking like three C's worth of thick dart down the back and trimmed off the excess fabric and here is how the two pieces turned out I will say the concept was a solid 10 out of 10 the actual execution was maybe 2 out of 10 at best I think it looks cute as a set together but honestly I think they look even better and a little less like a nurse uniform when they're separate that's obviously what's cool about the two-piece.

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