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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 5495 Referral

Instructions and Help about How Form 5495 Referral

Music hi there I'm Angela brown and this is ask a housecleaner this is the show where you get to ask a housecleaning question and I get to help you find an answer if I don't have the answer I probably know somebody who does I've been a professional house cleaner for 25 years and I'm connected to the best and the brightest minds in the house cleaning industry these are my peers and my colleagues and together we can come up with an answer that will help you move your cleaning business to the next dimension so today's question comes from a woman who wants to know how do I get more referrals now referrals are going to be your best Avenue of business and here's why because you can do all kinds of advertising you can do all kinds of marketing and all of that stuff costs money and time but a referral from somebody that you clean for that your that their friends know like and trust it has nothing to do with your marketing power because the things that like I can I can write an ad and I can tell you how amazing I am right but if your next door neighbor tells you how amazing I am that's gonna carry a lot more weight of authority so word-of-mouth advertising also known as referrals is your best Avenue for getting more business in this industry so how do you do that you ask for referrals and I never like to go up and say hey listen I'm looking for more business can you give me a referral that's just tacky so I like to make it organic and it's a game you can play so let's say that a customer texts you and they say oh my gosh Angela I am so pleased I came home today in my house that's amazing you did a great job okay she initiated that that was her idea so I want to send her a note back and say oh I'm so flattered you just made my day would you mind if I shared this comment with my friends and she might text you back and say no that's fine okay now you can take that and put it on your website or share it with your friends or repost it on social media or whatever you can also send her a note back and say oh my goodness you just made my day that was sewn nice of you would you mind taking this same comment and posting it on nextdoor.com now nextdoor.com and my neighborhood comm are two websites that our neighborhood referral websites here's how they work let's say that I live in a neighborhood I type in my zip code and my street address it links me to all of my neighbors that are in that same neighborhood and then there is a classified section where people can sell things like oh ha I have this little chair that I'm not using anymore what any of my neighbors like to buy it there's also our recommendation and referral section or you can say I'm looking for a painter to come paint my house does anybody know of anybody anybody good or I need my car repaired does anybody know a body shop that they would recommend so inside that referral network there are a lot of people that are looking for house cleaners and so when your neighbor the the lady that you clean or the guy that you clean when you clean their house and they recommend you inside their neighborhood referral network the referral is not coming from you okay you're not promoting yourself someone else their neighbor that they know like and trust that they go walking with on the weekends or that they see out walking their dog or that they see mowing their yard that person just validated you as a business owner and they gave your address and your phone number or maybe just your phone number email address or whatever it is you guys agree on but then those people can call you for business now here's the really cool thing about next door next door and my neighborhood have a life so if somebody posts something about you that goes in the archives so if somebody that just moves to the neighborhood today is looking for a house cleaner they can type in house cleaner and all the referrals pop up of all the people that have recommended you over time so here it is a year two years later from an original post and people are still calling me saying hey if so-and-so liked you as a house cleaner I would like to hire you I had one guy whose house I cleaned and he sold his home and he moved to Atlanta Georgia the guy that moved into his house calls me on the telephone and he said I know that this guy that lived in this house recommended you on next door and because you know the house and you know all the nuances and how big it is and how much how would how much would you charge to come clean my house if he wanted to hire me based on not even the guy he knew he'd never met the owner of the house other than at closing and so I wasn't part of that initial conversation but he respected that guy's opinion because obviously the guy had a good taste in houses right and he recommended me as a house cleaner so what happens is if you can get other people to recommend you that is a boatload of marketing you don't have to pay for but take it and maximize it so if somebody says something really nice about you on social media share that oh I'm so blessed so-and-so said something really nicely about me on on.

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