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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 5495 Priorities

Instructions and Help about How Form 5495 Priorities

Good morning everyone welcome back to the final video in the gold setting series I am ecstatic to bring you today's video as in this video I shared the juicy sauce to how I call set how I remind myself every single month of what my priorities are of what I value to keep myself in check and to keep me striving and moving forward and driving this bus the bus of life to where my goals are it does boil down to what you value folks because what you value you put as a major priority in your life and today I am going to share all the methods with you that I do from start to finish and I am hopefully going to help inspire you or give you some tools so that you can operate in the same fashion let me just say before we really start diving in this is the third video so you will want to make sure you watch the first two videos in the goal-setting series you know where they'll be down below and also in the blog post they are very important and there's also a ton of other videos for you to watch as well that complement this video as well confidence being on your a-game how to manage your time those are all great tools let me give you a little bit of a history let's go down memory lane when I was a very young wife young mother raising very young children I ran my home just like a business I ran it like it was a business that I was going to take to the top I was the CEO of the business I ran the show I treated my day like it was a job and I don't mean just any job I treated my day like I was climbing an elite ladder that was exactly how I did things then and that is exactly how I do things today now that I'm a busy working woman I don't place any lower value on what I did when I was raising those children I think it's all in how you view it what your perspective in what your perception is once in a while you would get some nice what do you do all day if only they knew I didn't even have to go there I really didn't and neither do you so always remember no matter where you are in your life and what you are doing every single person out there needs to have a goal they need to have goals they need to have visions they need to have things that they value which then turn into your priorities and we tend to get and make time for the things that are priorities in our life so if you value something and it's a priority the job is going to get done if you don't value it and you don't make it a priority chances are the job's not gonna get done remember you're driving your own bus your own bus to life in the last video we talked about MTO minimum a target outrageous you'll want to make sure you go back to that video because you are going to have to use that formula there's also the smart formula you pick which one's going to suit your needs the most but you are going to need it for a few areas where you goal set you might not need them for every single area okay this piece of hair you may not need it for every single area but generally there's going to be some area where you're gonna have to go okay pull it in pull the reins in trace you're going to have to be realistic you don't want to be out of reach because then you're gonna feel like you fail we we already know that we feel wonderful when we do something once in a while but once in a while is not gonna get you to your goals you have to be able to sustain doing something on a repetitive basis you need to create habits there was a research done out of Duke University that says that 40 percent of every activity that we do on a daily basis is by our habits that means that we are going about our business every single day using our subconscious mind or on autopilot and we really aren't even paying attention to what we're doing it's just so automatic well that isn't going to get you to your goals sometimes it's not about what we need to start implementing in our life it's what we have to give up when I work with clients a lot of times one of the things clients will say is I want to exercise more okay again that's too general that's too vague I need more I need reasons I need your why I need to know what you're doing now so that we can make a plan for what you're going to do later but the other thing that I always tell my clients is it's not always about I want to exercise more it's what do I have to give up to be able to exercise more same with eating I want to eat healthier I want to be a clean eater well sometimes we have to look at what is it that we have to give up people are so focused on what they want to do but they never focus on what they need to take away to be able to achieve these goals maybe you want to exercise more so I may say to my client okay we're going to exercise more let's do our MTO formula M would be two to three days a week T would be four to five outrageous would be six to seven because you're coming from nothing but.

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