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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 5495 Penalties

Instructions and Help about How Form 5495 Penalties

At this year's FIFA World Cup in Brazil winners and losers will be decided with just one kick of the ball as matches in the knockout stages drawn undecided players will face the ultimate test heroes and villains will be made reputation sealed or destroyed everything rests on this one cake altered nerve hold your breath for England fans this is all-too-familiar England fans know what happens next but four teams competing in Brazil this summer help is at hand senior visiting fellow at the University of Bath and author of the book how to school science in the beautiful game dr. Ken Bray has studied the stats behind the shoot out the success rates for a penalty in normal play are about 80% it drops to around 75% in a shootout for reasons that are very clear in a shooter for example you can't follow up on a shot and score as you can in a normal penalty you have to do the business with one shot secondly you must pick from less experienced players in your team you can't simply use the best strikers and finally of course the keeper gets more and more savvy as the shootout progresses more and more likely to make a safe the teams that do best to teams like Germany and Argentina Germany in particular have won 80% of their encounters then we go down a kind of staircase of shame until we reach England who've been successful on only 17% of occasions and I think the reasons for these differences are quite clear its failure to prepare mentally and failure to take practicing penalties really seriously so how do you take the perfect penalty step 1 selecting the players picking the right players for a penalty shootout is a vital task it's the responsibility of the coach and emphatically not the players themselves in fact the only thing that you rule a player out at that critical point is injury too often in the past we've seen England coaches wandering around at the end of extra time asking who's up for a penalty coaches should know the success rates of penalty takers in their squad and pick from this list for the actual shootout and finally coaches should think about the order in which their players will take a penalty in the shootout research is shown that there is an advantage if you play you're less experienced players first and save the most experience to last step to optimum placement when a player's turn to take a penalty comes round he or she must be focusing strongly on the optimum placement of the shot our researcher path shows that goalies have only a finite reach and attempting a safe we call this limit the diving envelope which is about as far as a goalie can reach in a full-blooded dive but this is really the limit of a fingertip safe and so strikers can place the ball close to the diving envelope or even a little inside with reasonable chances of success we call the area outside of the diving envelope the unsavable zone our research shows that just over 80 percent of shots played into this area succeed but that doesn't mean of course the shots played inside the diving envelope will all be saved in fact the success rate here is around 50 percent but why take the risk of a 50/50 shot when the such an attractive and easy to reach placement for a reasonably skilled performer you might just as well duck out of taking the penalty altogether and ask the ref to spin a coin instead step 3 mental focus psychologists know that stress effects sporting performance there are two kinds of stress somatic stress is very familiar when the pressures on the throat becomes dry heart rate increases the palms become sweaty and so on cognitive stress is different it means that negative thoughts of failure come crowding in once the demanding performance is needed and what could be more demanding than a penalty kick there are several ways of dealing with the problem and one of the most powerful is to use the technique of mental imaging a player imagines taking a successful penalty kick outside of the stress of an actual game he or she runs through a mental movie of a perfectly executed shot placed in the optimal position in the unsavable zone this in fact is the mental imaging all players should be scrolling through before their turn arrives in the shoot house from my research I've shown that there are really three key points to take the perfect penalty number one choose from the best available group of players when the shootout comes round number to ensure they use good placement technique and number three ensure that they are mentally well prepared never take a gamble with a penalty kick Oh.

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