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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 5495 Opinions

Instructions and Help about How Form 5495 Opinions

Hey guys it's Tina here welcome back to another episode of Tina tries it in today's episode I'll be trying out the new Maybelline tattoo brow ink pens now if you guys are after full looking brows but you're not too sure if you want to go get your eyebrows tattooed or mic related this new tattoo pen might be a good product for you provided that it works this is the Maybelline New York tattoo brow ink pen it comes in three shades natural brown red brown and grey brown it's a long lasting smudge proof brow pen with a unique micro fork tip applicator which helps you create hair like strokes this is what it looks like on my hand you can see that it does create a few strokes at a time but I do find the formula a little bit runny and it does tend to bleed out a little bit on my hand I believe these are launching in Singapore next month and they will retail for about 17 dollars 90 now Maybelline isn't the first one to come out with an applicator like this I think etude house has ones other Korean brands I think L'Oreal did a version as well but this is the first time that I'm gonna try it this one out now I have been growing my brows out so they are looking a little bit thicker now however it's still a little bit sparse especially up the front and just like the middle part here and I guess I could use a little bit more hairs in there so I want to try probably the gray brown shade out today now how I normally do my brows I use like either the benefit goof proof brow pencil or thicker brow and actually draw individual hairs in it did take me a little while to sort of master and get used to it but I feel like using a pencil or a brow pomade gives me the best results so I'm not too sure out this is gonna be because it is a like a line of formulas it's like a runny liquid and as you saw it did lead a little bit so I'm hoping it doesn't bleed on my brows because gonna look like a mess okay so let's go in and try this baby out what you're supposed to do it says the instructions is to begin vertically and sort of like draw in little hairs and follow the natural shape of your brows or the direction of your hair growth okay so we're coming in real close so you guys can see these little hair strokes being born if you look closely at the brush it is on a slant and how you're supposed to do it is just with the stock mop top and then fill in little strokes like that to Brianna's I feel a little bit uncomfortable doing it like this because I feel like I can't really stabilize my hand as well I would usually like probably going like this but let's just try and follow the instructions and this is what it says to start with the first stroke or nervous that didn't really do anything oh yes hmm you see that guys it's actually looking pretty natural I feel like I should have done it longer they okay you started off really well and then I was like I don't know it what happened they went wait let me quickly go again okay I took it off I'm gonna go again cuz I felt like I made it maybe too short maybe I should start like down here just want to make my brows a little bit thicker so let's go again it's getting there I mean the hair strokes are working it's just my placement you see how this is just not aligned I just need it should be a little bit longer sorry guys I'm gonna go again we need to perfect these okay and I'm back I think I'm just gonna go in this way I feel like it's easier for me to work this way instead of holding it up this way okay so let's go hold my breath I'm gonna got the placement right but I don't see the hair stroke as much as when I do two like this okay I feel like that's looking much better and I'm gonna come to this pie it's quite full already so I'm just going to like let me just use it like a normal four old pencil and just color in my tail because you're poor I can see the hair strokes in there anyway it's not bad I do feel like I need a little bit more practice when it comes to like I guess the angles of the brows cuz you want to start off sort of like straight and then start tilting it and then you know putting it how do I say like just going with the growth of your brows I might give this side ago I feel like I can get the base here first and then maybe go in this way I feel like that works better for me I'm gonna hold my breath today's okay that didn't really do much I'm gonna go in this way beside it a little bit tricky The Strokes are there but they're not where I want them to be if I can just add in a little bit here without it if not it's looking okay it's not it's not the best cuz I feel like that fits just yuck I can just fill in the end and just define the rest of my brows my brows aren't exactly even but I am getting that hair stroke effect which is good I feel like I just need a little bit more practice neither getting really close and hold the mirror here.

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