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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 5495 Minimizing

Instructions and Help about How Form 5495 Minimizing

So I'm gonna be very honest with you having chest fat it's probably one of the worst things ever because you know you're wearing a t-shirt and I see all the time guys who have a bit of fat on their chest they're pulling their vest that t-shirt ever and you know they simply a lot comfortable about their body and look fair enough you have these things there and it's not something that you're exactly going to be proud of that so you can be constantly pulling your t-shirt or your vest or whatever because you're insecure about your body and I've made quite a lot of videos on this and I'm going to talk about this topic a lot more deeper so before this video starts make sure to subscribe to the channel if you're new make sure to follow me on my Instagram and my snapchat if you guys want to get shorted in 90 days and want to work with me every single month you go receiving a new work and a diet plan and after them not in this you will get that trend physique so drop me email and let's get working together and change your physique in a day so hey let's get talking about chest but let's lose you thing and let it get you guys stop putting your t-shirt your vest unlesss keep you in a good composition all day every day without pulling yes so hey let's begin this video so what a lot of guys will do they have this chest that they have this thing there they are just gonna go running around all the cardio machines cross trainers go running outside because they feel that that's the only way that they are gonna get rid of this now I'm not gonna lie yes that is right but you want to build muscle on your chest you wanna build something there because I want to break it down to you just say if you lose the fat of your chest yeah what's gonna happen then is you're gonna be come a skinny fat and then you're gonna be you tubing and googling how to lose this whole skinny fat look so we're gonna avoid that and we're gonna lose a chest fat and avoid looking skinny pass so what you guys need to do is you need to build a muscle on your chest and how are you gonna be a muscle on chest is by lifting weights and I'm gonna give you a workout guide that you can actually do at the gym so we are going to go into the gym we don't need a 5-10 minutes your warmup this is not how I call you by the way our carrier comes after our weight training so we can go four sets on the bench press and we can go anywhere from 8 to 10 reps here for says 8 to 10 reps once we have completed our bench press we can move on to a incline that dumbbell press again we can go four sets anywhere from eight to ten reps so these are our two press exercises once they are out of the way we can now pick to fly exercises and this is a very similar work up what I will do for my chest so I will do like a dumbbell flights for sets ten reps and finish off with a machine flat or a cable fly four sets ten reps so we can prima stay like the eight to ten reps range for these four exercises then after we have complete our weight training then after we do our cardio so we'll build the muscle on our chest now we're gonna strip the fat off and for our cardio we can go on the cross plane or the treadmill and we can do some high intensity interval training for example we can run on the treadmill for one minute and jog for one minute and repeat and hey we can do ten rounds which will last twenty minutes because all of you guys asked hey what is hit one minute we are gonna go flat out ninety percent of your maximum then one minute nice and steady recover and repeat and you can do hit wherever I can do hit right now I can skip for one minute happy one minute break and go again exactly the same as what was doing on the treadmill so you can do hit wherever or you can even go on the crossfader treadmill go outside for a walk anywhere from like 30 minutes to 35 minutes even forty minutes if you really want to go to that next level nice and gentle and that is called low intensity steady-state cardio nothing too crazy I know it's a text about the party so that is our workout guys and I want you guys to follow and a lot of you guys are asking okay how many times do I actually create much as how many times do I do cardio I will do chest on it Monday the workout that I told you there may be on a Thursday or Friday after I prayed my shoulders I would just do two exercises so pretty much one and a half you can say it's one like full-on workout on our chest and then like a half workout so we are frequently training our chest and not just training once a week then wait for the whole week again and go again so like Thursday Friday just two exercises that will be perfect cardio you can do four sessions a week and that will be perfect but you know that's a workout program and of course make sure you're training the rest of your body because we don't want to just develop a chest you know we want to develop our entire physics makes you turning.

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