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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 5495 Minimizing

Instructions and Help about How Form 5495 Minimizing

So, I'm gonna be very honest with you. Having chest fat is probably one of the worst things ever. You know, you're wearing a t-shirt and all the time you see guys who have a bit of fat on their chest. They're constantly pulling at their t-shirt trying to hide it. They're clearly uncomfortable about their body. And it's understandable. It's not something they're proud of. So, they're constantly pulling at their t-shirt or vest because they're insecure about their body. I've made quite a lot of videos on this topic and I'm going to talk about it more in depth. So, before we start this video, make sure to subscribe to the channel if you're new, and follow me on Instagram and Snapchat if you guys want to get shredded in 90 days and work with me every month. You'll receive a new workout and diet plan. Email me and let's work together to change your physique. Now, let's talk about chest fat. Guys, stop pulling at your t-shirt or vest, unless it's to keep it in a good composition. Let's lose that chest fat and avoid looking skinny-fat. If you want to get rid of the fat on your chest, cardio alone won't cut it. You need to build muscle on your chest. I'll provide a workout guide that you can do at the gym. We'll start with a warm-up of 5-10 minutes, followed by four sets of 8-10 reps on the bench press. Then, we'll move on to incline dumbbell presses for four sets of 8-10 reps. After that, we'll do two fly exercises: dumbbell flys and machine flat or cable flys, both for four sets of 10 reps. Once we've completed the weight training, it's time for cardio to strip off the fat. You can choose high-intensity interval...