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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 5495 Historical

Instructions and Help about How Form 5495 Historical

If you gonna you gonna ask me if you can video me you're gonna ask me my permission hi YouTube this is Teresa I wanted to give everybody a quick little update on some of the things that have been going on in the town of Welsh some interesting revelations have I guess come out in the last week or so and I wanted to kind of fill everyone in on it the story was covered by our friends at the Louisiana voice Tom as well and I'm just going to kind of go over the article with you guys and then let you know just how things are kind of working out over there so just to try to catch up anybody that hasn't a really big following following along in the past several months the in the little town of Welsh there had initially been some sort of bush budget issues that were pointed out by one of the city council members there or aldermen there his name is Jacob Colby Perry and so a reporter by the name of dal ffred Jones I guess got wind of the story and followed up and I saw da Virgil's story posted online well I followed up with my own public record request for some information about a separate account that was being kept there in the town for I guess police revenues fine fifties and you know I really didn't think too much of the public record requests but of course when I showed up to look at the records I had the incident with the clerk and I'm sure many people saw the video and after the video was posted you know I have myself and my attorney until you received I guess a great deal of pressure to take the video down by what I would call friends the town of Welsh but they didn't really think it was any of my business my being an out-of-towner and what happened he just really wanted me to stay out of the town of Welsh but the pressure that you know we were being put under it was nothing compared to what was going on with Colby Perry back in the little town of Welsh so after Colby brought the budget issues to the attention of Telford Jones and after the video surfaced of the clerk acting the wage that she did the first thing that they did was a local business owner there in town started a recall petition against him and long after the recall petition a anonymous fliers began circulating the city or the town of Welsh calling parry a terrorist when all of this is happening to him because he was representing his constituents and asking questions and doing what he was supposed to do as an alderman and these people were getting very very upset with him but things got even worse for Coby parry just a few weeks ago when the mayor there in the town of Welsh along with the Chief of Police and two of the mayor's children filed a four separate defamation lawsuits they are alleging that he has besmirched their good name they are all being represented by the same Lake Charles attorney Ron Rashard who apparently did not take the First Amendment class offered to him in law school and very quickly I want to go over the snow a reputation of some of these people that have filed the lawsuit against Colby Perry for defaming him after he you know basically just did his job as a council member so like I said Perry's being sued first off by mayor Carolyn luthier who is currently under investigation by the Louisiana Board of Ethics for some ethical issues that may have occurred with regards to the lack of paying a utility bill for years next on the list is of course the chief of police there Marcus crochet who has been unable for some reason to stay within a budget for since he's been in office he is parently not happy with Perry calling him out on his budget overages and this you know violation of the law and he feels that Perry has somehow besmirched yes stellar reputation in budget management and then you have two of the mayor's children who are also suing peri one of which is a guy named Johnson let's see what's his first name is I believe it's William Johnson William Joseph Johnson jr. as far as Johnson's claim and I'm gonna read this directly to you from the Louisiana voice article that I talked about earlier as for Johnson's claim long-standing positive reputation documents from US District Court Western District of Louisiana indicate that Johnson entered into a plea bargain on three of 14 federal indictments on November 20th 2022 three charges to which he entered guilty pleas all occurred in 2022 and stemmed from his defrauding an academia of identity theft specifically he entered guilty pleas to two counts of bank fraud nine counts of counterfeit securities 14 counts of aggravated identity theft how about that for a stellar reputation but it gets even better and I want you to remember that this incident with the mecca - hotel happened in 2022 but I found another article from 2022 from The Spokesman Review out of Spokane Washington and this article says that William Jay Johnson could face charges of forgery first-degree identity theft first degree theft under a recommendation sent to the spoke Spokane County Prosecutor's Office Thursday by Spokane Police Detective Bart Stevens and this has to do with the same type of fraud almost identically to the fraud that was perpetrated against the hotel and Natchitoches by the you know the crime that he pled guilty to and was sentenced to in fact this article says that Johnson was hired under a fake name that he used and that he issued the suspicious check to himself and.

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