Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 5495 Copyright

Instructions and Help about How Form 5495 Copyright

I have Nathan Bay me writer and film director with expert village and this series is all about copyrights in this clip I'm going to teach you how to fill out the form labeled TX which is the form that's used to copyright all literary work here we go alright so first off leave the top right hand corner untouched that's not for you to fill out that's for the official Copyright Office to take care of moving on down to section 1 title of the work simply fill in the title of the work whether it be you know the title of your screenplay the title of your poem whatever it might be just write the title on that line moving down to section 2 name of the author should be obvious enough that's your name it goes in right there right next to it date of birth your birthday and assuming you're not the author of the material the year that the author passed away right next to it right next to it we have the author's nationality simply write whatever nationality citizen of in this case the United States and then right next to that on the right hand side was this author's contribution to the work anonymous or synonymous you would check the box yes only if the author wished to remain anonymous in which case this copyright seems sort of pointless or pseudonymous meaning they used a stage or pen name check yes if they did otherwise check no right below are columns B and C and this is assuming that there are more than one author on a particular piece of material such as you know more than one writer on a script more than one writer for a novel if there were more than one this is the section that you'd fill out the additional information for those authors the same as you did just above moving on down to section three year in which creation of this work was completed simply write the year was completed in this case this year moving on down to section for copyright claimants name and address must be given even if the claimant is the same as the author given in space too if you're not the author and you're filing it anyway this is where you'd put your name and address as opposed to in section to where you put the author's name on the second page in sections five six and seven all of these assume that this is the second time that you have registered this material and that you are simply making updates if that's the case then you obviously already know how to register for copyright and you don't need met my help but the sections themselves are fairly self-explanatory moving on down to the bottom section eight certification I the undersigned hereby certify that I am the you check one of the following author other copyright claimant owner of exclusive rights or authorized agent of check whichever box is appropriate to you and the rest is fairly simple you type and print your name down at the bottom and place your signature date and that's it that's all there is to it.

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