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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 5495 Browser

Instructions and Help about How Form 5495 Browser

You in this tutorial I will show you how to download and install a print driver for a Lexmark copier first we're going to go to your favorite internet browser you can use Internet Explorer I choose to use Mozilla Firefox so go ahead and open your browser and we're just going to go to Lexmark calm and then we're going to mouse over where it says downloads and when the pop up menu shows we're going to click on driver finder and just type in just the numbers of whatever model you're looking for we're working with the 651 so I'm gonna type six five one space driver okay it really doesn't matter whether you use PCL or PostScript a lot of a lot of people will say just install the PCL if you have any problems printing Adobe PDFs or any other Adobe products you might try the PostScript driver you know if you run into any trouble with that you know for everyday printing you can probably use the PCL and not have any problems at all so go ahead and find which one will be suitable for you I'm on Windows 7 running a 32-bit operating system if you don't know if your 32-bit or 64-bit way to find out go down to the Start menu right click on computer click on properties and this should work in Windows XP is well it will look a little bit different but I'm Windows 7 is what I'm running 32-bit operating system this said 64 then we would need to download the 64-bit driver so there's 64 this is 32 this is Windows Vista and Server 2022 even though this doesn't say that it's for Windows 7 Windows Vista and Windows 7 can pretty much use the same drivers so that's the only PCL 32 32-bit driver for Windows Vista so that's the one I'm going to have to download so go ahead and click on that and then over here to the right it says download now and it's going to prompt you to save the file go ahead and click Save Internet Explorer might ask you where you want to save it you can save it to the desktop that's fine that way you can delete it when you're done it'll take just a moment to download depending on your internet connection alright now that that's done downloading we can double click it to open it or an Internet Explorer it might just give you the option to open and it's asked Indy are you sure you want to run this file yes we want to run it just click Next I accept the Terms license agreement click Next it's just a default place it's going to install you might take note of that Lexmark backslash drivers click Next now the printer wizard is going to pop up and we're going to click on local printer even though this printer is connected via the network it is not a network printer because it's not on a server and it is not hosted on another computer so it is considered a local printer and then we're going to create a printer port and the port we're going to create is a tcp/ip port click Next and you should have the IP address of your copier if you're setting this up if you don't like contact your IT people or if this has already been set up on other computers and the copiers already set up with an IP the IP address should be on the screen of the copier our IP we're working with is and go ahead and click next and we're going to click on have disk since we downloaded the driver and this little box tells us where the driver is located see Lexmark drivers system Excel 32 Vista backslash drivers got together yah so we're going to basically follow that just click on computer go to C and we're going to go to Lexmark go drivers system Excel 32 drivers Pratt it's pretty much the only place you can go and the language folder don't select English we're just going to go down to the bottom where it says LM a/c mc40 double click that file click OK now it's going to list all the machines we're working with the 651 so select 651 click Next printer name we can rename it anything we want it gives it a default name go ahead and click Next now it's going to install our printer I'm just going to ask you if you want to share the printer we don't want to share it just click Next and then we can print a test page test page has been sent to your printer just to verify you can go to the printer and check that it actually did print out click finish and that's it we're done with setting up a print driver for a Lexmark copier that concludes the video tutorial if you have any questions shoot us an email hi-tec how to at gmail.com or give us a call in Lawton at five eight zero three five seven four two four three or Wichita Falls at nine four zero six nine one zero one one one feel free to leave some comments let us know if there's anything we can add to these videos that would help feel free to subscribe to youtube channel.

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